martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

A Tale Of Two Cities (Charles Dickens)

Summary Chapters 1-5

The story is set in France and London before the French Revolution.
Dr. Manette is in a wine shop, owned by Monsier and Madame Defarge. He has been in prison in the Bastille, for 18 years and is obsessed with making shoes. His daughter Lucy, who didn't know he is alive, together with Mr. Jarvis Lorry, takes him back to England.
Five years later, a trial is celebrated in London. Charles Darnay is tried on a charge of treason. Mr Stryver proved a man called Mr Carton looks just like him.
Mr Manette works as a doctor. He is well.
In Paris, the Marquis of Evermonde runs over and kills a boy. His father kills him.
Darnay is the marquis' nephew, but nobody knows it. He marries Lucy and tells the doctor the secret of his name.
Carton loves Lucy too and promises to do anything for her or for anyone whom she loves.

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