sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

The child who fell into a hole

My favourite book is called 'The child who fell into a hole'. The Spanish author is called Jordi Sierra i Fabra, and its genre is realistic.

The story is about a boy that is walking without a care in the street and in a moment, he's trapped in a hole in the middle of the street. The book describes how anyone helps him, how he can't escape, the feelings he has being stuck in the pavement, fights he has with people...

I loved this book. It teaches you a lot of things and it's totally according to the way the people are today. I recommend it to anyone (youngs & adults) who can realise what the boy feels. It's easy to read and small (about 130 pages).

Sara Palazzo Fernández 1stD

Songs for Paula

The title of this book is" Songs for Paula". The author is Blue Jeans and this book is  a nobel for teenagers and speaks to you of things that happen to  a  of 16 year old girl.

The book talks about  Paula who met one boy on the internet. This boy is called Angel and he is 22 years old. Paula had a date with Angel but he never turned up and she met another boy called Alex who was reading the same book.

People like reading books of love, music... You will like the book, too.

By Alba Ansón

Narnia, The Lion, The Wich and wardrobe

Written by C.S Lewis.

It is a fantasy and action book.

It is about 4 children who are called Lucy, Edmun, Susan and Peter. They live in a big house and the action takes place when a rainy day the 4 children want to play hide-and-seek. Then Lucy comes into a wardrobe and enters a fantasy world called Narnia.

I recommend this book for all the people who like fantasy and mythology. You will read about interesting and incredible creatures.

By: Israel Del Pozo 1ºD

Narnia:The lion,the witch and the wardrobe

Narnia is a fantasy book with a lot of adventures.

It´s about five brothers and sisters who enter in a wardrobe and discover a strange world inside.They meet all types of strange animals.They also meet a bad witch who wants to be the queen of Narnia.Many adventures happened.

I like this book because it is interesting.I will recommend it to anyone who is bored.You are going to enjoy it.

By:Vanessa Martín


This book is called" Ghostgirl "and it was written by Tonya Hurley.

Charlotte Usher feels practically invisible, until one day, that she really is.

But the worst thing is that she is dead.

And all is because she choked with a gummy bear.

But death doesn't stop Charlotte following her plan. On the contrary, she becomes more creative to get her goal: to be popular and get the boy she loves.

I think it is a very good book because it has lot of stories but it´s easy to read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes mystery, love and friendship.

By: Alba Moreno 1ºD

The Famous Five

“The Famous Five” is an adventure story, written by Enid Blyton. It is one of the best books I have ever read. In this story there are two boys: Julian and Dick, two girls: Jorgina and Ana and a dog: Timoteo. Julian is the oldest of all. Dick is naughty. Jorgina wants to be a boy and all of them call  herJorge. Ana is very frightened and the dog is playful. They go to an island and want to find a treasure that is buried there  but they aren’t the only people who want the treasure.

It’s a very good story. I recommend it to everyone but specially for people who like adventure books. Here you have some othe titles of The Famous Five: The Five and the treasure of the island, Anotherther adventure of the Five…

By Roberto Vidal. 1º D

"The Valley Of The Wolves"

My favourite book is "The Valley Of The Wolves". It

was written by:

Laura Gallego. It is an adventure and magic story.

The characters are: Dana which is the principal character, who controls fire, sand, water... "Maestro", who is Dana´s teacher, Kai is a ghost who only Dana can see.

I like it so much because it is very interesting and you don´t know what is going to happen in the next chapter.

I will recommend this book to all types of people because it is a very good book.

By: Álvaro Beltrán.

The Sea of the monsters

The best book I`ve ever read is "The Sea of the monsters".

It was written by Rick Riordan.It is an adventure and fantasy book.

The story is about one teenager called Percy Jackson who discovers that he is the son of a Greek god and he needs to save a magic camp. He need sto find a golden fleece if he wants to save the camp.

I think that this story is very educative because you learn all the names of the gods.

Ider El bouzidi Sanchez
This story was written by L.Frank Baum. The story is in third person . The story happens in Kansas (USA) and in a world called Oz.
It is a fantastic book with a lot of magical things.

Dorothy is in Kansas when a typhoon goes there and Dorothy travels inside her house to the world of Oz thanks to the typhoon.

Can Dorothy survive in the world of Oz? Can Dorothy come with her uncle and aunt?

It is wonderful and easy to read.The story is so funny that there are several films based in this novel. I would highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys books.

By :Pedro J. Marín Comino

Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

One of my favourite books is Narnia, written by Clive Staples Lewis. It's a fantastic story.

Lucy, a little girl, goes into a wardrobe. Magically she appears in a magic world called Narnia. In Narnia all living things were magical. Aslan, a lion, was the king of Narnia and Lucy and her brothers fight, with Aslan against the White Witch.
I like this book because It haves many adventures and I recommend this book to young people and for children.



My favourite book is the valley of the wolves. The author of this book is Laura Gallego. This book is an adventure book. It is exiciting and thrilling.

It is about a girl called Dana that lives in a house near a village. One day she meets a boy called Kai. Kai is a strange person, because Dana is the only person who can see him. One day a man who was riding a horse asks Dana if she wants to come to live to a very big valley. Dana wants but not without Kai...

I enjoyed  reading this book a lot because it is very interesting and exiciting. My recommendation is that anyone that doesn´t like reading, should read this book, like me. After this book, I like reading a lot more. There are many other books of this collection.

The chronicles of Narnia . The voyage of the dawn treader.

The chronicles of Narnia.

The voyage of the dawn treader.

My favourite book is " The chronicles of Narnia and the voyage of the dawn treader. It was written by C.S Lewis , It is an adventure story.

It is about 2 brothers called Lucy and Edmun that travel to Narnia for the 3rd time . They come to a big boat with prince Caspian and they have many adventures . In the end , they don´t want to leave Narnia because they are very young .

In my opinion the story is very good and I recomend it to people of different ages .

By Noelia Segura Yuste 1ºD.

Oliver Twist

One of my favourite books is Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens. It is an adventure story.

It is about an orphan called Oliver that lives in a orphanage. There,  life is difficult and Oliver decides to escape to London. When he arrives, he meets a boy who makes a living by stealing things to  people. He shows him where he lives. Everybody there are robbers, and the only way for Oliver to obtain money is by stealing, too. The police catch him, and now they are searching for Oliver...

I recommend this book to the people who likes to discover new things.

Gemma Gonzalez 1ºD

Sorry if I call you love

Sorry if I call you love

One of the books I really like is " Sorry if I call you love " by Federico Moccia. It is a

love story.

It´s about four girls .They are called " The waves ". The main character is Niki .

When she goes to the highschool she has an accident and she meets a boy who

is 20 years older than her and they fall in love .

It´s so good and if you like love this is a very good story . I am not going to tell

you more . So if you like what you have read , just buy this book or hire it from a

library .

Idhun Memories


My favorite book is Idhun Memories. It was written by Laura Gallego García. It is a fantasy, magic and adventure story.

This story is about 3 kids which have magic powers:
-Jack: he is a orphan boy. He discovered that he is a dragon.
-Victoria: she lives in Limbhad, a city between The Earth and Idhun. She is a unicorn.
-Cristian or Kirtash: he loves Victoria. He is a snake with wings .

These 3 characters fight the darkness.

For me, this book was fantastic because I love magic and adventure. This book is for people who are 8 years and older.

Try this book, it sends you to another world!!!!

By : María Sterling Grande

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

My favorite book is "The boy in the striped pijamas". It´s author is John Boyne and the genre is historical fiction.
The book is about a boy that has a father who has been promoted and his family has to move to a house that is near a concentration camp. The boy that is called Bruno, found the concentration camp and met a boy called Shmuel. Later they have a lot of adventures.

My personal opinion is that this book is so good for all the people but it is so sad. So if you are depressed, don’t read it!

by:Mario López

Diary of a wimpy kid

The book was written by Jeff Kinney.
The book is a comedy.

It is about a boy called Greg.He has many problems with his family and in the High School.His best friend, Rowley, and he loves a girl called Holly Hills.

I liked it very much because the problems that Greg has are very funny.I recomend this book because it is comical.They have edited 5 different parts now.

By :Alejandro Muñoz García

Diary Diary of a Wimpy Kid la adaptación discreta

The boy in the striped pyjamas

My book recommendation is 'The boy in the striped pyjamas'. It's a dramatic novel based on historical events. Its author is John Boyne and it's a dramatic novel.

Once, a boy called Bruno moved from Berlin to Poland. In Poland, he met a boy called Shamuel who was on the other side of a wire deuce in a concentration camp. After some years, Bruno decided to pass to the other side of the wire feuce. He put on the striped pyjamas like all the people a
nd walked with Shamuel but then something terrible happens.

In my opinion, the book is very dramatic but it's a very good and a great book. I recommend it to everybody.

Carlos Lizana 1stD

"The Prince Of The Fog"

The title of the book I´m going to talk about is:
"The Prince Of The Fog". It was written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. This is a mistery book...

Max Carver moved from his house. This boy and his old sister made a friend, Roland. His friend´s grandpa lived in the beach tower. The old man knows the first person who lived in Max´s house, Cain, a really bad magician, this person gives wishes to people, but they have to pay him a favour, a really bad favour realated to death!

This mistery book it´s not recommendable to read it at night. I really like it because you don´t know what is going to happen next.

It´s a very exciting book... I really love it!!!

By: Alberto. A


My favourite book is Twilight. It was written by Stephenie Meyer. This book has a mixture of fantasy and love.
The story is about a girl called Bella that moves to Forks, she meets Edward Cullen. After a while he realizes that he is a vampire. They fall in love, but he knows it's dangerous for her. James, a vampire, who wants to kill her, becomes obsessive with Bella.
I recommend this book to any one that likes vampires and love stories. It is a very interesting book. Also you can see the movie!

Itziar Dominguez Martin

The evolution of Calpurnia Tate

"The evolution of Calpurnia Tate" is an adventure book written by Jaqueline Kelly.

Calpurnia is an 11-years-old girl who is living in Texas. Calpurnia cannot knit and hates cooking, but she wants to be a sciencetist. So, with the help of her grandpa, she starts using the microscope, growing plants, stuffing,taking care of animals,reading "The evolution of species"...

And meanwhile shehelps her mother with the cooking and looking after her brothers.

I read this book last summer and I couldn't stop reading it. It reminds me of "Tom Sawyer". I want to recomend it to you. You wont regret it.