miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014



Our exchange English partners stayed in Spain for 6 days. They arrived in Alcorcon on December 13th. First, we met them otside the underground station. My English friend was called Simon and he was a very nice, relaxed and interesting person. After that, my parents took his suitcase and we went home where my brother was waiting for him. At first, we were so shy with each other, but then we started to speak a lot. He liked football and he was very good at playing videogames. He ate a lot and had a shower twice a day.

We went to many places with them and we enjoyed a lot. One day,  all English and Spanish students taking part in the exchange went to have dinner together in Telepizza. At the weekend we took them to see Madrid with the Christmas lights. We went without our parents and it was full of people. We walked down Gran Via to Sol but it was difficult to walk because the streets were crowded. Next day we went to the bowling alley where we had a really good time. Also we organized a football match Spain vs England in a park. On Monday afternoon we played a Fifa tournament in Toro’s house. 
On Tuesday we went on a trip to Toledo, we visited the medieval area and the main churches travelling in a small train. Then we had free time and we went to walk in the streets. We laughed a lot with the English guys, they were very funny although some of them were a little bit crazy. We spent a fantastic morning in Toledo. The following day we went ice-skating to Madrid -this was a nice experience, I think all of us fell at least once on the ice. Then we had dinner in a Kebab of Alcorcon.

The farewell’s day we went with the teachers to a restaurant next to the high school, We ate the Spanish typical food: Potatoes ommelette and iberic ham. After that, we accompained them to the underground station.

I felt sad when they went to England. It was a great experience and we have made English friends. I hope to go to London soon and meet them again.

By Carlos Rubio 3º C

martes, 22 de abril de 2014

My favourite singer: Bruno Mars

His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. He is 28 years old and he was born in Hawaii.
He was nicknamed Bruno by his father because of a wrestler.
His mother was a singer and his father was a musician.

He has received the influence of different styles: pop, Reggae, soul, R&B, rock.
He is a gifted musician, he sings, plays the drums, the guitar, the keyboard, the bass, the piano, the harmonica, and the beat box.

He has had many different jobs related with music; he is a singer and songwriter, but also a record producer and choreographer.

Some of his songs are:  Treasure, Marry you, Grenade, Count on me…etc 
by Ana Gonzalez. 2ºD

My favorite music band: Imagine Dragons.

As you may have already read, in our English class we're doing presentations about our favorite music artists. I chose to do it about Imagine Dragons, an alternative rock band that's been recently getting recognition due to some of their succesful songs like Radioactive or It's Time. Here's the Prezi I made about them. Enjoy!

domingo, 20 de abril de 2014



Hello, I am Ana and I am going to show you a presentation about Taylor Swift. I like her music and I'd like to share it with you. Enjoy it!

ACϟDC, my favourite band

In English class we are doing presentations about our favourite band or singer. Here you have a Prezi with information about my favourite band: ACϟDC.

sábado, 19 de abril de 2014

La Oreja de Van Gogh

My favourite musical group is La Oreja de Van Gogh. I was little when I started listening to La Oreja in my mother´s car. At first, I didn´t like it.  As I was little, I didn´t like music about love but when I became older, I started liking it. Its music is amazing and it relaxes you. It also makes you think about your situation.
I made a PowerPoint about it. Enjoy it.

La oreja de Van Gogh from Alberto Ainstain

Here you also have some songs by them; "Paris", "Cometas por el cielo" and "Dulce Locura"

¡Thanks for your time!

viernes, 18 de abril de 2014

Sebastião Salgado's amazing exhibition: "Genesis" at Caixa Forum

Last 20th. April, we went to a photography exhibition of a Brazilian photographer called Sebastiao Salgado.

About the exhibition:
  • In this incredible exhibition there were lots of pictures about unspoiled nature such as huge deserts, polar regions, glaciers, mountains, islands... They also show how humans live in some parts of Africa, Indonesia, the North Pole... in which, although they don't have as many things as we have, they are many times happier than us.
  • All of the pictures  are in black and white because Salgado thought that way they would convey us more feelings.
  • The 250 photographs in the exhibit were taken by Salgado during 8 years of voyages to virgin parts of the world.
Here there are some pictures you can still see.

Remember that  we have the future of the planet in our hands. 


jueves, 17 de abril de 2014


Hello classmates and Manuela . I´m here to publish my presentation about my favourite DJ ( AVICII ).
I chose AVICII , because when I listen to his music I feel happy and proud because he is too young and he is my idol and a promise of the Electonic music.


He was born 8th of September of 1989,in Sweden .Now  he is 24 years old .
His real name is Tim Bergling .
He has got one brother called Anton Körberg.
He is a DJ but also an electronic musician, record producer and a model.

When he was 16 ,he downloaded the recording software Fruity Loops and learnt to make house music.
He realised he was really good and started to call himself  “Avicii”, the name of the lowest Buddhist Hell ,and he changed the spelling.
His current manager discovered that he could earn more than $200,000 in a single night.
Influenced by Daft Punk , Steve Angello, Swedish House Mafia and Eric Prydz.

His style of music is basically Electronic and house .
But the song “Wake me up” , is a mixture of country and electronic.

In 2012 ,the most important song he created was “Levels” because with it, he worked his way to the charts .It was nominated at that year's MTV Music Video Awards.
And he created his company “LE7ELS “.
He capped off the successful year by landing a Grammy nomination for Best Dance recording, thanks to his collaboration with David Guetta in "Sunshine".
In 2013, he achieved his  first number one in the charts of  United Kingdom, Spain and almost the whole world thanks to the song “I Could Be the One “, a co-production with the Dutch DJ Nicky Romero.
In June he brought out  “Wake me up” , the first song of his new album called True.
“Wake me up”,was a number one over all the charts .It was  nominated for the MTV´s Woodies Awards of this year.
The 13th of September he released his new Album “True”.
The second song of the album was called “You Make Me” but is was not a huge hit.
The third song was called “Hey Brother” and it was awesome .He was again the number one , over all the charts in the world. He appears at the end of the video .
His new song “Addicted to you” is beginning to sound.
He is located on the third step of the DJ Mag magazine , one of the most important ones.
He was the first person how have two songs in the top 5 at the Billboard chart .( Nº 1 - Wake me up and Nº 2 - Hey Brother) .

To the date , “Hey Brother” stant at 356,OOO units and “Wake me up” 3.6 million of units sold.
He is included on the forbes list in the category “30  LESS THAN 3O ”.
Now,he is working with Madonna into a new song. And he is doing the American True Tour .


This is the end of my presentation , I hope you liked it :-)

Here you have some  lyrics videos. Enjoy them.

  • Wake me up ( Lyrics) :

  • You make me ( Lyrics) :

  • Hey brother (Lyrics):

  • This is the remix of "Addicted to you" , it is included on his new album " True Avicii By Avicii".

jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Of Monsters and men

Here you have the presentation that Manuela asked us to make. The topic was doing an oral presentation about our favourite group/singer. I made my presentation about of “Of Monsters and Men”.

Probably, you don’t know anything about this group. Find some facts about this group looking my presentation and, if you still want to know more about them, go through the pages that are written in the last slide.

Once in SlideShare, there are 2 problems in the presentation:

  1. Most of the photographs have links to other slides 
  2. The audios are not working

Finlly, here you have some videos. Enjoy them.
I made a game also but I couldn't include it here.