miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012


This story happened on the 14th of September of 1980. It was a foggy, dark and cold night, it was the 12:00 in New York. Eloy was a young, short and strong man. He was dining when he heard a lot of laughter and he was afraid. The next day he received a strange letter. In it, you  could read the things that should happen in his future. The first thing that should happen was that someone would throw stones to his window. The second was that someone would ring him, this strange person told him that he wanted to kill him. The last thing was that a ghost would appear in different occasions: looking at his photos, in his work, in his mirror and in his bed. He was very frightened and decided to finish with his life.                   

                                                                                                   Jose and Fernando  1ºE


The girl of the library


It was a stormy night in an old house in London.Some girls and boys were playing poker.  Suddenly,the girls and some boys start Ted hearing strange moisés from the library.A boy said that the strange noises were the screams of a girl. So he went to see what happened.He went to the library,but the screams stopped.When he was going to return to their room,he saw a shadow of a girl,And then he though thet the shadow had dissapeared,but…this was not true.

    • Years passed and people never saw him.People thought someone assesinated him,and when someone enters at night in the library you Can always hear screams of that girl.
    • THE END
    BY:Marta Caudet and Sergio Juarez.