miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

The Hunger Games


                                       MY FAVOURITE T-SHIRT                                       
My favourite T-shirt is light blue and it have got de flag of the United Kingdom ijn the middle it´s blue and red.
It´s made of 100% cotton and it is an M size, it is wide so it is very comfortableand I wear it a lot,because I feel good with it.
It is very especial for me,because my mother bought it for me  to remember the trip to London and because I like the British flag a lot.

By:Dolores Arribas  Class:1ºE

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012


My favorite t-shirt is blue with a man wearing sunglasses on it. It is special to me because  I bought in a special shop for my mother and for me.When I wear I have good luck and I only wear when I go to a special place and sometimes when I go tothe school.For me is fantastic and the size is an "S".

Fernando. 1E.

lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012


Everybody has got a favourite item of clothing. What is yours?
Write a description talking about your favourite T-shirt and share why it is so special for you.

My Favourite T-Shirt

This is my favourite T-Shirt:

This T-Shirt is made up of cotton, and it's size is an S.
It's yellow, and has lot of images and sentences.
I think,it's design is very beautiful, because
it has a lot of butterflies and a little bird.
This T-Shirt,was a present from my best friend.

She bought it to me,like a present for my birthday;
she also has it (but in white).And I also like it
because it has a lot of pictures 
and a image of a flower and a clover.
And I like  nature and animals quite a lot, so it's a very beautiful detail for me.

By: Irene Arribas Méndez 1ºE

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

my favourite T-shirt

My favourite T-shirt is white, but it has other colours like black, grey and pink. The size is S and it is made up of cotton. It also has writings and pictures related to London and the flag of the United Kingdom.This T-shirt is very special for me because I bought in a shop with my friends in the trip to London.
by Sandra Manzano. 1E

my favourite T-shirt

This is my favourite T-shirt.
It size is the S.
It  is green with  Minney in the centre.
Minney is black with some white
flowers inside .
My T-shirt is made of cotton.
This T-shirt is very special for my because
 it was a present for my birthday
and I love it.
by: Aroa Palomares

My Favourite T-Shirt

My favourite t-shirt is purple, it has
green, white and orange letters.
It is for children between eleven
and fourteen years old more or less.
It is made of cotton and it´s from
 Germany.  Also this t-shirt  is
very special for me because it was a
  birthday present
that my uncle gave to me 
 while we
were celebrating at my grandfather´s house.

That day I was twelve.

By: Óliver Albánchez Yagüe /1ºE

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012


My favourite sweatshirt is pink. It has a design of a beach and yellow, blue and pink letters on it. I like it because  it is wide and comfortable. The size is M and it´s made of cotton.
I went shopping with my sister and I saw it in a shop, so my sister bought it to me.

This is my favourite sweatshirt


My favourite T-shirt

My favourite T-shirt is white but it also has blue, pink, green and yellow colours which shine in the dark. It is an S and it´s made of cotton. It has I LOVE LONDON written on it.
Nerea. 1st.E

my favourite T-shirt

My favourite T-shirt is red with
some details in black. It is made
of cotton and polyiester.
 I was in Alicante
with my aunt and with my
uncle. My aunt gave me a
present: it was that T-shirt
and that´s the story of it.

by: Monica


My favourite t-shirt is yellow.It has a photo in the
middle with a girl in pink,blue and purple. The
fabric of my favurite t-shirt ia polyester and the
size it an M. It is my favourite t-shirt because when
I went to Paris I bougt it to have a souvenir and remenber that beautiful place.

By: Rocio Gonzalez

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

My Favourite T- Shirt

This is my favourite sweatshirt .
It´s size is 12 and its brand is called Adidas.
My favourite sweatshirt is blue and has  Adidas written on it also  has the Adidas logo.
This sweatshirt is special for me because my sister bought  it to me for my birthday.

                                                              Noelia Legazpe Córdoba 1ºE