lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Jamie Thompson

Jamie is a new assistant we have known today. He was born in Scotland. He has one sister who is at university. He used to have dogs but he doesn't have pets any more. He has lived in Scotland for 10 years.

He loves football and playing the guitar.

He has visited Mexico, Spain, the USA... This is his 4th week in Spain. His first impression when he came was how beautiful Madrid is.  He likes the following food from Spain ( "paella", the Spanish omelette...) and some other things.


  • Capital: Edinburgh.
  • Population: 5.2 millions of inhabitants.
  • Patron Saint: St. Andrew.
  • Haggis (typical food).
  • National flower: The thistle
Written by: Raquel 2nd D

domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Brianna Smith,our new assistant

                          BRIANNA SMITH

Brianna is our new assistant for this year.She is 26 years old.Brianna is fron Chicago,in the USA.She has got a younger sister whose name is Ari and is 20 years old.She has also got an older brother called Nick,who is 29 years old.Brianna has got a dog called Guiness,too.

                                       This is Chicago

Brianna graduated from university in 2010.She studied music on Illinois University.She knows how to play the violin,the piano and the arp.When she grows up,she wants to be a teacher.

                             This is Illinois University

In her free time,Brianna likes reading,playing the piano,practising sports and watching TV.She also loves travelling and her favourite countries are Ireland and Greece.

Written by:Irene 1ºF

jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013


Canberra is a mysterious city. A lot of people don´t know about it.
So my friend Álvaro and me have prepared a website about Canberra, the unknown city.

You will learn about the population, the location, history, intersting facts and lot of more things about Canberra by just clicking in the following link! Don´t hesitate and visit our page!

Our new assistant, Jamie Thompson

The Scottish Flower
One of our new assistants is called Jamie. He's from Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. However, he's only lived there for about ten years due to his mother's job, which caused him and his family to travel to many places such as Costa Rica, Mexico, the USA, etc.                    
Scotland's map

He's told us some facts about Scotland. For instance, the population is around 5.2 million people. Its patron is Saint Andrew, and its national anthem is "The Flower of Scotland" (which, by the way, is a thistle). 
Scotland's flag
Scotland is famous for its castles (like the Sterling and the Edinburgh castles), the Loch Ness and the legendary monster that's supposed to live there, haggis (a traditional dish that consists of liver, oats and fat served in a sheep's stomach) and Robert "Rabbie" Burns, a famous poet who wrote the song "Auld Lang Syne". Famous celebrations include Hogmanay (on the 31st of December, Burns Night (on the 25th of January), the Highland Games (from May to September) and the Edinburgh Festival (in August).
A typical Scottish event

Jamie likes football and supports the Celtic Football club and the AVFC.
 He likes to read and play the guitar. He has a younger sister, Sadie, who is currently studying at university. He's been in Spain for about a month now. He likes the warm weather and the food, and doesn't regret coming here!

miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

About Dublin: the website

For an English project, my friend Marcos and I had to design a webpage about an interesting city. We chose Dublin, and this was the result. 
If you click on the image, you'll go directly to the website. It has interesting facts about history, geography, weather, curiosities and more. Check it out!

By Andrés and Marcos (2nd D)

by Marina an Julia in 2nd.D.

martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Cloud Gate, Chicago

Brianna Smith

Our new language assistant from the States is called Brianna Smith. Her city of origin is Chicago, at the West of Lake Michigan, in Illinois. Before coming to Madrid, she stayed in Vienna for three and a half years, working in the kinder garden of a school, learning German at the same time. She has studied music for around seventeen years and learnt to play the violin and the piano.

"Munger Road"
Talking about her family, she told us she has a younger sister and an older brother, who is a film director -you can see the trailer of his last movie, "Munger Road", on Youtube-. Brianna has also adopted a dog called Guinness (this name was given before the dog was adopted).


During her stay in Vienna, Brianna decided to play in a masculine soccer team, even knowing she would be injured several times.

domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Jamie Thompson, a great assistant

It was half past eight of a single Monday at the high-school. We were waiting for an usual English class. I couldn´t imagine the surprise that was waiting behind the door!
I was taking my English things out from my school bag when, suddenly, a young boy entered with Manuela. Another assistant (some days before we met another assistant)!!- whispered  people in the class with boring faces. But when he told us about his life, I think every single person in the class changed his mind.

Jamie Thompson is a Scottish boy. He comes directly from the Scottish capital city, Edimburgh.
Scotland isn´t an independent country, it belongs to the United Kingdom. It is located in the North of England. Scotland is a very curious contry: for example, Scotland has two flags!!
 Their typical food is haggis: some lungs, liver and salad served in a sheep stomach... At first, it sounds disgusting, but Jamie says that it´s delicious!
Scotland has a population of 5,2 million people, its patron is St. Andrew and their national flower is the thistle.

It has monuments like the Edimburgh castle, emblematic places like Lake Ness and parties like Burns night.

Jamie, Although he was born in Scotland, has been living in Costa Rica, U.S.A., Mexico...
It is his 4th week here, in Spain. He likes Spain because of the weather and the food. He would like to have a pet here and  he has one sister.

Personally, I believe he´s going to be a great assistant and he is going to help us a lot in English!!!