domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Brianna Smith,our new assistant

                          BRIANNA SMITH

Brianna is our new assistant for this year.She is 26 years old.Brianna is fron Chicago,in the USA.She has got a younger sister whose name is Ari and is 20 years old.She has also got an older brother called Nick,who is 29 years old.Brianna has got a dog called Guiness,too.

                                       This is Chicago

Brianna graduated from university in 2010.She studied music on Illinois University.She knows how to play the violin,the piano and the arp.When she grows up,she wants to be a teacher.

                             This is Illinois University

In her free time,Brianna likes reading,playing the piano,practising sports and watching TV.She also loves travelling and her favourite countries are Ireland and Greece.

Written by:Irene 1ºF

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