martes, 25 de septiembre de 2018

MY heart map

Today we are going to think about those people, moments and things that have definitely affected our lives. Try to evoque all these special memories you have and 
let´s draw Your Heart Map

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2018

Feeling Good

MIcheal Bublé :Feeling Good

Nina Simone : Feeling good (Lyrics)

When do you feel good? What can we do to feel this way?
Complete the activities the teacher is going to give you in the classroom.

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017

Verbs followed by Infinitives and Gerunds in songs

                 Listen and take note of all the verbs followed by infinitive or gerund. Make 2 different lists.

viernes, 20 de enero de 2017

NGO projects

Would you like to know about different NGOs or charities round the world? Borders do not seem to be the limit to help and try to make a better world. Students in 1º Bachillerato have been researching about different organisations and we will hear them talk about their origins, areas they work and the goals they have. To see their work,  just click on the links below:


domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

Avatar: Behind the movie

Watch the clip and write as many sentences as you can about the direction, production, animation...etc of the film using the passive voice.

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestley

Let´s talk:


What can we predict about the play’s setting?
What evidence can you find for the historical period in which the play is set?
What can we assume about the play’s characters?
What clues are there about the events in the play?


What lighting effects were used in this production?
How does the music make you feel?
What can you predict about the play’s themes?


What difficulties might the characters face?
What, if anything, would put you off watching a production of An Inspector
Calls based on this trailer?
Are there any characters or events that make you feel uneasy?


What do you like the look of based on your viewing of this trailer?
What, if anything, would make you want to watch a production of An Inspector
Calls, based on this trailer?
What do the reviews suggest about this particular production?


How else could you inspire theatre-goers to see this production?
What questions do you have about the play from viewing just this trailer?
How would this trailer be different if the lighting and music were changed?
Have you got any ideas about what you would use instead?


How does the director combine different elements to have an effect on you?
What key words are spoken by the actors? What could you guess about their
What stands out most for you from watching these trailers?


miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

The Commonwealth


 1. How many countries form the Commonwealth? _______________________________________________________________
2. How often do they meet? _______________________________________________________________
 3. Which countries have the largest economy? _______________________________________________________________
4. In which year was the London Declaration established? _______________________________________________________________

 5. Which are the latest countries that have joined to the Commonwealth? _______________________________________________________________
6. Who is the Secretary-General? _______________________________________________________________
 7. What was the main economic objective of the Commonwealth? _______________________________________________________________
 8. What was established in the Singapore Declaration? In what year? _______________________________________________________________
9. Which similar sports are played in many Commonwealth Nations? _______________________________________________________________
10. In which law is based the Commonwealth law? _______________________________________________________________