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One direction is one of the most popular  British-Irish bandsat the moment and it is composed by five members:

ZAYN MALIK:  He was born the 12th of January 1993, in Bradford in West Yorkshire (England). His mother is from England but his father is from Pakistan.

NIALL HORAN:  He was born the 13th of September 1993,in Mullingar (Irlanda).He  plays the guitar .

LOUIS TOMILSON:  He was born the 24th of December 1991,in Doncaster (England).He  would like to be an actor, but his dream was to be a singer.

LIAM PAYNE:  He was born the 29th of August 1993,in Wolverhampton (England).When he was a child he had to go  to  hospital very often as he had a very important kidney problem  .

HARRY STYLES:  He was born the 1st of February 1994 in Holmes Chapel (England).He is very fan of "The Beatles" ,"Coldplay"  and " Elvis Presley".

This band was created the 23 of July of 2011,in the english TV contest "The X factor" .At first they participated  separately.But later,after been expelled ,Nicole Scherzinger decided to join them and to form a group, ONE DIRECTION ,as he thought that all together would be a great band. When Nicole joined them,  they did not know each other .In the end ,One direction didnt´t win the contest. They got the 3rd place,but Simon Coweel gave them a opportinity by signing a contract with Sony Musi , so that way Simon Cowell became his Second and they performed their first album " Up all night" and One direction was formed.

Here is Simon Cowell with the boys ~

During the contest one drection stayed in the house of "The X factor",and every week they published a video where we can see them joking and doing funny things.

Apart form his album "Up all night" One direction has another album called "Take me home".
Both of them include very beautiful and very good songs.I couldn´t choose only one song from these albums therefore I would show you a couple of them from each album.

This is the song from the album "Up all night"  ~makes you beautiful.

This is the song from the album "Take me home " ~little things.

For me One direction is the best group of boys in the world, because I like the way they sing and also their personalities. They are  very supportive  helping the poor children in Africa.  If you want to see the video click on here  .  
I love them and they arethe best boy band in the world.

By:Marta Caudet 2ºD

Develop culture for a better society

Culture is being undervalued and each day we forget more about it. Moreover, culture is an ineludible feature in everyone's lives. Arts have been introduced in the early days of humanity with the rural paintings and this shows we can't evolve without them.
However, currently, with the harsh economical situation we are going through, culture is being mistreated and  forgotten. Society can't go on and develop new perspectives for the future if society can't transmit its deepest feelings and the only path to achieve this is art and so the culture of each nation.
I reckon that government should be more concious of the negative effect of cuts in culture and education over society and therefore it should begin fostering this important and productive field in our lives.