sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Alliteration Poem


Dirty Dogs Dancing in the Dirt
Currents Cats Cooking Carrots
Five Fish Feel  Fool

Slow Snakes Slithering
Red Rabbits Running in the Road
Hunted Horses Hauling Hay 

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

The Mayflower and Thanksgiving celebration

Maybe you know a few facts about Thanksgiving and the way North American people celebrate this day but probably you don´t know much about the voyage and all the hardship the first pilgrims had to go through. Let´s learn about The Mayflower -the ship that took the first voyagers-by watching this video below!

Answer the following questions:

1—When did the story begin? ... ………………………………..

2--Where did the Mayflower sail out from?

3--Who were the people on  board?  (How many of them were there?)

4--What were they seeking in the new world?

5--How long did the journey take?  
 6--What were the conditions on  board?                                                                    

 7--What did the captain have faith in? And the pilgrims?

8—Why did Lucy say that they must get in the New World?

9--Did they finally make it to the New World?        



sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

As soon as I reached England

As soon as I reached England...

    As soon as I reached England, the biggest smile appeared in my face. It was cloudy (as usual) and soon little drops caressed my face. I didn't notice. I breathed deeply and the salty air with tree's perfume, flooded my lungs. That was the air I knew the best. I stayed sitting in a beautiful park. It had a lot of magnificent trees. The aroma of the trees became more intense while the sun appeared for a few minutes. The sunlight didn't reach my skin, cause lots of leaves stopped it. Suddenly the sun hid and the darkest clouds I've ever seen occupied the sky. In a moment, a fierce rain approached. So I decided to go to my lonely and warm home. I needed to rest.
by Sara Gimenez. 2ºD

jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014



                                            Dirty dogs digging in the dirt     
                              Cute cats cooking carrots
                              Five fish fry fins
                              Six snakes slithering

                              Red rabbits running 
                              High horses hauling  hay  
                              Purple pandas painting pictures

                              Creepy cows crawling 
                              Many mice making music 
                             Tired tigers talking
                              Green gorillas giving gifts
                              White whales waiting in the water 

lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

Basic:There is, there are, some, any

Fill in the blanks with A,AN,SOME or ANY.

  1. There are _________________ eggs in the fridge.
2. There aren't __________________ sandwiches for lunch. 
3. There is _____________ new interesting film at the cinema. 
4. Are there _____________ animals in the farm? 
5. Is there _____________ good documentary on TV tonight? 
6. There isn't _______________ airport in our town.
7. There are _______________ important people at the party.
8. Is there _____________ orange sofa in her living room? 
9. There is ________________ cat sleeping on the computer.

Exercise 2
Write questions and short answers using: IS THERE, ARE THERE, A, AN and ANY. 

1. Post office in your street?√ __________________________________________________________________________ 
2. apples in the fridge? X __________________________________________________________________________ 
3. Italian person in the room? √ __________________________________________________________________________ 
4. coke in the fridge? X __________________________________________________________________________
5. students in the courtyard?√ __________________________________________________________________________
6. new car in front of your house? X __________________________________________________________________________
7. an orange pencil-case on the table? √ __________________________________________________________________________

jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

2ºD Mantras for motivation

This are 16 Mantras we´ve done in 2ºD you must know to be happy. I hope you enjoy them. They´re very useful¡  

Resultado de imagen de keep calm and carry on1 Keep calm and carry on.

2 After the rain, the sun always shines.

Resultado de imagen de escalador3 Go up and don´t look down.

4 Nothing is imposible until is done.

5 No matter what people say, keep being the way you are.

Resultado de imagen de arcoiris6 If you want to get it, you have to believe you can do it.

7 Don´t worry and continue with your dream.

8 You can´t have a rainbow without rain.

9 Always try the best.

10 Keep on fighting, even if you are hurt.

11 What doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger. 

12 Nothing is imposible. The word itself said: I´m possible

13 Always with a smile till the end of the time

14 Work hard till the end

15 It doesn´t matter what happens

16 Keep on and enjoy the live


This are the ones of my classmates, and here some Mantras that I have found on the Internet



If you can´t fly, run,

If you can´t run, walk,

If you can´t walk, drag,

But whatever it may be that you do, 

Keep moving towards.

                     Marthin Luther King JR

And for the very end, a song you must listen if you don´t feel "happy"  





                        Iván González García