sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

As soon as I reached England

As soon as I reached England...

    As soon as I reached England, the biggest smile appeared in my face. It was cloudy (as usual) and soon little drops caressed my face. I didn't notice. I breathed deeply and the salty air with tree's perfume, flooded my lungs. That was the air I knew the best. I stayed sitting in a beautiful park. It had a lot of magnificent trees. The aroma of the trees became more intense while the sun appeared for a few minutes. The sunlight didn't reach my skin, cause lots of leaves stopped it. Suddenly the sun hid and the darkest clouds I've ever seen occupied the sky. In a moment, a fierce rain approached. So I decided to go to my lonely and warm home. I needed to rest.
by Sara Gimenez. 2ºD

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  1. You have a very personal style and you should continue writing because I think you can go far. Congratulations and keep on like this!