jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

2ºD Mantras for motivation

This are 16 Mantras we´ve done in 2ºD you must know to be happy. I hope you enjoy them. They´re very useful¡  

Resultado de imagen de keep calm and carry on1 Keep calm and carry on.

2 After the rain, the sun always shines.

Resultado de imagen de escalador3 Go up and don´t look down.

4 Nothing is imposible until is done.

5 No matter what people say, keep being the way you are.

Resultado de imagen de arcoiris6 If you want to get it, you have to believe you can do it.

7 Don´t worry and continue with your dream.

8 You can´t have a rainbow without rain.

9 Always try the best.

10 Keep on fighting, even if you are hurt.

11 What doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger. 

12 Nothing is imposible. The word itself said: I´m possible

13 Always with a smile till the end of the time

14 Work hard till the end

15 It doesn´t matter what happens

16 Keep on and enjoy the live


This are the ones of my classmates, and here some Mantras that I have found on the Internet



If you can´t fly, run,

If you can´t run, walk,

If you can´t walk, drag,

But whatever it may be that you do, 

Keep moving towards.

                     Marthin Luther King JR

And for the very end, a song you must listen if you don´t feel "happy"  





                        Iván González García

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  1. hello. Please tell me how do you think I have do it (0-10) and what should I make better for the next time. Thank you,

  2. You have done really well. I love the extension you have added with quotes from famous people such as M.Luther King or Winston Churchill and the video is such a good idea.........Congratulations