jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011


Most of the people nowadays are very concerned about their health and that is why in general we take good care of what we eat and we try to keep feet by doing some kind of physical exercise or different sports.
Do you do any sports? Which one? How long have you been doing it? How often do you practise it?

What sports can you see in these pictures? Add your comments.
If you want to play some games and learn some more about sports vocabulary you just have to click in the link below.



domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


One day bad things happened in the house where I lived. I sensed that there was something very bad. In the nights I heard noises, like a hand scratching on the wall and the dogs howled a lot. Then my cousin decided to come to my house. She took the bus and I went to the station to pick her up. When she arrived everything seemed to be nice.

Suddenly we were playing hide and seek, later my cousin went to get something and I was alone. I began to feel an indescribable fear. I had never felt anything like that; it seemed that something or someone was behind me, watching me. Then I rushed out, because I couldn’t stand that thing behind me.
In the end, my family and I left the house because we heard that the ghost of a beautiful lady people lived there.

martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


One day, I was at home. The telephone rang and I went to get it.
'Hello?' I said.
'Hello, Sam. My name's Amy.' She said.
'Hello Amy. Who are you?' I replied.
'I'm a punished soul... and I need your help.' And later, she hung up.
Later, I didn't know what to do. A punished soul? What did it mean? And how did Amy know my name? I was scared. Terribly scared.
The next day, I had a flight to New York. My girlfriend was living there and I wanted to surprise her. Valentine's day was near.
When I got to the airport, a beautiful lady came to me.
'Hello Sam.' She said. I instantly recognized her. Amy took my hand and brought me to a remote place in the airport.
'Don't be scared, don't be scared. I'll just ask you for a favour. Next I'll dissapear from your life. Are you ready for it?' She asked me. I was scared, so I agreed. Later, she told me her plan:
'I'm going to get your flight with you. In the plane, I'll sit next to you. Later, I'll do what I have to do. Are you going to help me?' She asked me, nervously. And then, when I again nodded, Amy relaxed, and we boarded the plane. The flight was going well until Amy said:
'Come on, it's time. Follow me.' And I followed her.
Only needed one hour to land. We arrived to the exits, when Amy, invisible to human's eyes - except mine -, started to open them.
The flight attendants started to shout. 'Please! Someone could help us?! There's a supernatural force that has opened the doors!' People started to shout in horror.
Suddenly, Amy, smiling, told me:
'My beautiful plan is ending... it's a shame... Don't you think? I had a great time with you, Sam, but friendships aren't forever. Thank you for helping me... Goodbye, Samuel.'
After that, she pushed me...
...but I got her shoe and she came after me! We were falling into the void, when Amy said:
'My plan failed, Sam. I can't die with you. Follow your life as good as you can. I'm sorry.' She explained. Her voice seemed distant, cold. And, in a second, I was inmediately back in the plane, but Amy wasn't there... What had happened?
Finnaly I met my girlfriend at her home. I decided to forget this, but there are supernatural stories that never left your mind.
Amy, the punished soul, will never rest.
By Sara Palazzo Fernández