martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


One day, I was at home. The telephone rang and I went to get it.
'Hello?' I said.
'Hello, Sam. My name's Amy.' She said.
'Hello Amy. Who are you?' I replied.
'I'm a punished soul... and I need your help.' And later, she hung up.
Later, I didn't know what to do. A punished soul? What did it mean? And how did Amy know my name? I was scared. Terribly scared.
The next day, I had a flight to New York. My girlfriend was living there and I wanted to surprise her. Valentine's day was near.
When I got to the airport, a beautiful lady came to me.
'Hello Sam.' She said. I instantly recognized her. Amy took my hand and brought me to a remote place in the airport.
'Don't be scared, don't be scared. I'll just ask you for a favour. Next I'll dissapear from your life. Are you ready for it?' She asked me. I was scared, so I agreed. Later, she told me her plan:
'I'm going to get your flight with you. In the plane, I'll sit next to you. Later, I'll do what I have to do. Are you going to help me?' She asked me, nervously. And then, when I again nodded, Amy relaxed, and we boarded the plane. The flight was going well until Amy said:
'Come on, it's time. Follow me.' And I followed her.
Only needed one hour to land. We arrived to the exits, when Amy, invisible to human's eyes - except mine -, started to open them.
The flight attendants started to shout. 'Please! Someone could help us?! There's a supernatural force that has opened the doors!' People started to shout in horror.
Suddenly, Amy, smiling, told me:
'My beautiful plan is ending... it's a shame... Don't you think? I had a great time with you, Sam, but friendships aren't forever. Thank you for helping me... Goodbye, Samuel.'
After that, she pushed me...
...but I got her shoe and she came after me! We were falling into the void, when Amy said:
'My plan failed, Sam. I can't die with you. Follow your life as good as you can. I'm sorry.' She explained. Her voice seemed distant, cold. And, in a second, I was inmediately back in the plane, but Amy wasn't there... What had happened?
Finnaly I met my girlfriend at her home. I decided to forget this, but there are supernatural stories that never left your mind.
Amy, the punished soul, will never rest.
By Sara Palazzo Fernández

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  1. After reading this story the conclusion I reach is that we should never trust strangers, just in case.............
    Well done. Excellent story.