sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011


Christmas is time for family celebrations but also for reflection an relax. People like singing carols, sending Christmas cards and giving gifts. How do you celebrate?

If you like carols, here you have the latest Lady Gaga´s video singing a beautiful song called "White Christmas".

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

The consumer society

                         These are the wonderful  wallcharts students in 1E have made. Congratulations.
                         You have done a good job and you have got the idea. We also have to think about
                         the poeple who are in need.                                                                                    

December has just started and Christmas are very near. Most of the times we want to buy things not because we really need them, but because may be they make us feel happy.

I would like you to watch this video : Greed versus Need and tell me what you think about it.

According to the video:

__What do some people have?

__What do other people need?

__What can we do to solve the problem?