lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015


My new English assistant is called Christian Romo. He is 22 years old, and he is from Los Angeles, California. He came to Spain when he was 9, but he doesn´t remember anything, so he hopes to learn and visit a lot of things this year.

Los Angeles is famous for its beaches and for Hollywood, but he says he doesn´t live in any of those places. Where he lives, there are four million people and around six million cars. That´s because the public transport there is very bad. There is a lot of pollution because of the huge number of cars, and because they have to go everywhere in these vehicles, there are very large highways. However, this has been getting better in the last thirteen or fourteen years.
There are also lots of inmigrants, especially Mexican. In fact, 40% of the population is Mexican. Because of that, there are a lot of places which serve food from this country.


Christian´s father is called Michael. He was born in New York City in 1962. His mother is called Alicia, and she was born in 1964. Christian´s grandfather was called Miguel. He was born in Cuba, but he left it in 1951. Unfortunately, he died in 2009.


Christian graduated in L.A., in the degree of Spanish and English literature. His school is called "Pitzer College". It is a very expensive school. Because of that, there were just 900 pupils when he was studying there, which 70% were women. It is the smallest school in the area.

He likes many things, such as reading books, blogging, watching sports (in fact, the New York Mets are his favourite baseball team and the New York Knicks are his favourite basketball team). He also likes amusment parks, roller-coasters, playing basketball and he loves ice-creams and theatre. He supports "Rayo Vallecano" here in Madrid. His favourite baseball player is Roberto Clemente. He is also Christian´s heroe. His favourite singer is Bob Dylan. He doesn´t like reggaeton but he likes pop-rock music. The TV program he likes the most is "Adventure Time". He also plays the mandolin, he started four years ago. Christian can only speak English.


He is living now near Atocha, in a flat with two Germans. In total there are four people in the house. The other mate -Christian says- is very interesting. He is called Paul. He was born in France, his mother is Italian, he lives in Barcelona and he can speak French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic.

I hope to have an interesting year with him and I expect him to teach me a lot of new things. I´m just looking forward to starting!

by Elena Delicado. 2ºC

lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

Grammar Review: Past Simple&Past Continuous, Past Perfect, used to, didn´t use to, did you use to?

Past Simple&Past Continuous

Past Perfect                                 

Used to


1--My Blackberry is not working! Just  listen to the video clip and imagine the setting where the dialogue takes place. What did you imagine? What are the words with a double meaning in the dialogue?

Learn new vocabulary: 
dongle:  a hardware device attached to a computer without which a particular software program will not run: used to prevent unauthorized use. Electronic padlock.

2-- Meeting royalty.

What made you laugh the most?

3--In a restaurant. 
Pairwork: Sit back to back with a partner .a) The St. looking at the screen describes what is going on while your classmate listens to you.

b) Do it the other way round : now th St. who was listening is the one who is looking at the screen and telling what is happening in the video.

                                                                        Bad at parking

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015


●MariLuz is our new assistant teacher.
●She was born in Colombia but when she finished her studies she went to the  U.S.
●Now she lives in Seattle (Washington) the fastest growing city in the U.S.     
 There, you can do some interesting activities, like climbing or fishing.
 There they have the best apples of the U.S. It´s called "The green state". 
●MariLuz has visited Spain 3 times and six different countries, so she can speak  English and Spanish.

●She has got a cat called Paquita, Mariluz always travels with it, Because she  loves Paquita a lot. 
●Her favourite football team is "The Seehawks" they are good, they won the  Superbowl 2009 - 2011.

Gonzalo Vega 2ºC

USA National Parks

Enjoy the wonders of nature !!

jueves, 15 de octubre de 2015


My new English assistant is called Mariluz. She was born in Colombia, but she moved to Seattle. Mariluz loves hiking and travelling. In fact, she went to seven countries in the past year. She went to Peru this summer, and she has done the Santiago route from León to Santiago de Compostela.

Before she came here to Spain, she was living in Seattle. Seattle is also known as "The Emerald City". It is the fastest growing city and economy in the US. Many important industries have headquarters there, such as: Google, Amazon, Sturbucks, Microsoft...
There are about 602,000 inhabitants in Seattle, and it has an incredible football team called "The Sounders". They have won the US Open Cup tournament for three years in a row! Its best player is called Yemsey. The places where most of the people go in Seattle are the Space Needle and the Waterfront Park.

But... Where is Seattle? Seattle is in Washington State. Washington has 7.062 million inhabitants. Its capital is Olympia. There is another football team apart from "The Sounders", called "The Seahawks". There are beautiful waterfalls and the well-known Olympic Mountain Ranges. Washington also has the Olympic National Park and the San Juan Islands are very near. It grows the best apples of the State. And in the sea that sorrounds the Islands, if you take a boat, you can see beautiful big killer whales jumping next to you. Thanks to them, there are many outdoor activities related to the sea in summer.


I think I will have a great year with her, and I expect her to teach me a lot of new things and to help me improving my English. I´m just looking forward to starting with her!

martes, 13 de octubre de 2015

Diwali, The festival of light.

In India, one of the most significant festivals is Diwali, or the

Festival of Lights. It's a five day celebration that includes 

good food, fireworks, colored sand, and special candles and 


1-Predict 5 images that might appear in the video- clip.
…………….     ………………..   ………………..    ……………….      …………..

2-Visitors to India are often overwhelmed by its………………… and ……………

3-Diwali is a five day celabration that takes place:
 a) in summer
 b) in spring when flowers blossom
 c) in late fall before the monsoon
 d) in winter

4-What festival do we celebrate in eastern countries similar to Diwali in India?
c) Guy Fawkes
d) Christmas

5- It basically commemorates:
a)    The new year
b)    Forces of light over the forces of darkness
c)    Time of peace
d)    Gods and Goddesses

6- What do you think light and darkness represent?

7-What do people use to adorn their homes and buy in the street markets before dawn?
a)     Rose
b)    Tulip          
c)    Carnation             garlands
d)    Jasmine

8- Families often   ………  ……  ………   ………………………..     and  wear   …………  …………………………………    which are usually made of  a) lycra
                                                                                             b) velvet
                                                                                             c) silk
9- Diwali is a good occasion for people to ……………………. and to ……  ……. …….  ……………

10-Delhi is famous for  its spectacular   f………………….. d…………

domingo, 11 de octubre de 2015

Christian Romo

Christian is a 22 year old guy. He's from Los Angeles,California. 
Although he is American, his father's family is from Cuba.He's the second generation of immigrants in the States. His mother's family has been living in the country since the 18th Century!

Los Angeles is a mixing pot as there are people from every part of the world living there. The city is famous for the Mount Hollywood,baseball,Mexican food and the roads and air pollution.He told us a curiosity, there are 6 million cars and only 3 million inhabitants.That’s a bit shocking because here we use public transport,and not everyone has got a car.

He graduated in English and Spanish literature in the Pitzer College,there,he directed some plays.Nevertheless,he had acted too.
As he is used to give presentations he can help us if we have any problems giving speeches.
In his free time,he likes to read and stay in libraries.His favourite sport is baseball and he also enjoys soccer.
Nowadays,he is sharing a flat with two German students,a Catalan and a teacher from Madrid .
I think he’ll be as good as the assistants in previous years,and I hope he’ll like Spain and its culture!

-Mónica Dies Torresano 4ºD

sábado, 10 de octubre de 2015

Our new assistant is called Christian. He's from Los Angeles, California. There are many beaches there and it's very spread out, with lots of roads and highways. 

Resultado de imagen de pitzer college

He got graduated in a university called Pitzer College. 
In this university, there are approximately 900 students and it's small.

Resultado de imagen de los angeles playa

In his freetime, he reads books to children. He also plays basketball and makes blogs about sports and music. Talking about his family background, his father's from New York City and his grandfather, who emigrated to the USA in 1961, is from a little village in Cuba. 
Resultado de imagen de baloncesto                                                                        Resultado de imagen de books

Christian has a dog called Mali. When he was at school, he loved theatre. In fact, he acted and directed some of the plays there. He also likes reading fiction books. He has lived in Cuba for 4 months. Nowadays, he lives in an apartment in Madrid with 2 German students, a Catalan guy and a proffesor of Madrid.
In the university, he studied Spanish literature. He often gets used to speak in front of people and give speeches, so he doesn't have any problems with that. 

by Ana Martinez 4º ESO