domingo, 11 de octubre de 2015

Christian Romo

Christian is a 22 year old guy. He's from Los Angeles,California. 
Although he is American, his father's family is from Cuba.He's the second generation of immigrants in the States. His mother's family has been living in the country since the 18th Century!

Los Angeles is a mixing pot as there are people from every part of the world living there. The city is famous for the Mount Hollywood,baseball,Mexican food and the roads and air pollution.He told us a curiosity, there are 6 million cars and only 3 million inhabitants.That’s a bit shocking because here we use public transport,and not everyone has got a car.

He graduated in English and Spanish literature in the Pitzer College,there,he directed some plays.Nevertheless,he had acted too.
As he is used to give presentations he can help us if we have any problems giving speeches.
In his free time,he likes to read and stay in libraries.His favourite sport is baseball and he also enjoys soccer.
Nowadays,he is sharing a flat with two German students,a Catalan and a teacher from Madrid .
I think he’ll be as good as the assistants in previous years,and I hope he’ll like Spain and its culture!

-Mónica Dies Torresano 4ºD

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