jueves, 15 de octubre de 2015


My new English assistant is called Mariluz. She was born in Colombia, but she moved to Seattle. Mariluz loves hiking and travelling. In fact, she went to seven countries in the past year. She went to Peru this summer, and she has done the Santiago route from León to Santiago de Compostela.

Before she came here to Spain, she was living in Seattle. Seattle is also known as "The Emerald City". It is the fastest growing city and economy in the US. Many important industries have headquarters there, such as: Google, Amazon, Sturbucks, Microsoft...
There are about 602,000 inhabitants in Seattle, and it has an incredible football team called "The Sounders". They have won the US Open Cup tournament for three years in a row! Its best player is called Yemsey. The places where most of the people go in Seattle are the Space Needle and the Waterfront Park.

But... Where is Seattle? Seattle is in Washington State. Washington has 7.062 million inhabitants. Its capital is Olympia. There is another football team apart from "The Sounders", called "The Seahawks". There are beautiful waterfalls and the well-known Olympic Mountain Ranges. Washington also has the Olympic National Park and the San Juan Islands are very near. It grows the best apples of the State. And in the sea that sorrounds the Islands, if you take a boat, you can see beautiful big killer whales jumping next to you. Thanks to them, there are many outdoor activities related to the sea in summer.


I think I will have a great year with her, and I expect her to teach me a lot of new things and to help me improving my English. I´m just looking forward to starting with her!

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