lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010


I know a lot of you have already been to London.
Do you want to find out how much do you know about this important European city ? I invite you to do this quiz.
You just have to click on the link.Just click.

IF YOU WANT TO LEARN some more things, watch this video.

Answer these questions after watching the video:
1--How many inhabitants are there in London?
2--What is the number of languages spoken in this city?
3-- If you pay for a five pound ticket, how much can you travel a day?
4--What are some of the most important landmarks to visit?
5--What should you visit if you are a lover of modern art?
6--Name tree of the most important collections in the British Museum-
7--The biggest park in London is..............................................
8..Carnaby Street is full of.............................................
9--Camden Town is a .................................................................
10--Which district is full of theatres?

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010


A diamond is a mineral which has got very remarkable characteristics. Do you know what are the most important?

In our class we are going to create some diamonds, as valuable as this mineral in nature. From my point of view, words can be stronger and more precious than anything else on earth. Some people express their love with an engagement ring but only a few can afford to buy one. However, all of us can write beautiful things and tell how much we appreciate the others.

Here is a diamond poem for my dear cat.

                          tail,     fur,      tongue,        collar
                                         friendly, big

These are the poems my students have written in 1st.D class today. You are always full of ideas
and your creativity is very important.

   big,   heavy 
tusks,  ivory,   tail,    whiskers 

This was written by Maria, Gema, Noelia, Roberto and Alex U.


big, beautiful

paella, ham, Spanish omelette

intelligent,   happy,   romantic,   funny

spaghetti, caneloni,pizza

Rome, cultural


This poem was written by Luis,Celia, Alba A.and  Mario.

beautiful, sexy
dancing, singing, drawing
Hair,    eyes,    mouth,    nose. 
Playing, eating, sleeping
friendly, happy

Written by Itziar, Alberto, Alejandro M and Rubén.

sparkling, iluminating, sun rising
Earth,       light,       sky,       Universe
Sleeping, dreaming, wishing
dark, sad

Written by Sara, Vanessa, Álvaro, Ider and Pedro J.

drunk, grey
acting, drinking, watching TV
alien,     ugly,     short,     big head
Flying, hiding, playing
brown, magic

Written by  Patricia, Alba M, Israel and Bosco.

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010


A limerick is a well-known verse invented in Ireland about a hunded years ago. It is a short, funny poem that tells a little story.It has five lines. Lines 1,2,5 rhyme and usually have three beats. Lines 3,4 rhyme a nd often have two beats.

                              There was once a girl from Troy
                               She would always try to annoy
                               She looked like a moose
                               She laughed like a goose
                               Her silliness always caught a boy.

The rhyming pattern as you can see is:
These are some of the  limericks some of my students in 1st.D have written.

She was a girl from Alcorcón

She was eating pop-corn
She looked like an elephant
but she was elegant.
However, her tongue was very long.

Written by:Vanessa,Sara,Alvaro, Pedro.

There is a little girl from Spain
she always eats brains.
She looks like a witch
and she always has stitch.
But she likes singing in the rain.

Written by: Alberto. Itziar, Alejandro and Rubén.

My congratulations!

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010


We celebrate Halloween on October 31st. It is thought to be the night of the year when witches,ghosts and other kind of scary monsters are specially active.
Halloween originated as a pagan Celtic festival of the dead related to the Irish and Scottish Samhain. It marked the end of the season of the sun -SUMMER- and the beginning of the season of darkness and cold- WINTER-.

This day is full of traditions, superstitions and stories. If you want to find out more information, just click

Here you can sing along with these scary and funny skeletons:

Lyrics for the song:

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010


                                             FUNNY ANIMALS          

The crocodile cries in Canada and carries carrots to China.
The koala Knows how to make ketchup with kiwi.
Pipo, the penguin, paints pictures of pigs.
Great giraffes grow up in the grass.                 

The shark is smiling in the sea.
The lion lives in London and loves a lemur.
The platypus plays the piano in Pakistan
and the frog is fishing fishes with Frankenstein feeling futile.


Five foxes found fifteen frogs in the fish farm in February.
David´s dragon drives a dolphin in the dark desert during December.
Two camels camp with a camera in a camping site.
Willy the wolf is worried about the weather.
What is happening in the world?


The chameleon carries a car with the camel in Canada.
The turtle is talking to the tiger.
Monkeys listen to music like most mammals in Mercury and Mars
and the tiger is travelling to Toledo.

Polar parrots paralyse a pig in a party.
Spiders smile in September.
Poetic panthers pull pigs to parties.
Eight elephants are eating egss.          

lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010



                       Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim thought tiny thought Tall Tim thought tall
    They thought till they teamed together
           Then they thought together
         Though Tiny Tim thought tiny
          Though Tall Tim thought tall.
              They thought till ten
            Then Tiny Tim thought tiny
           Though Tall Tim thought tall.


                                                                     Do you like this image?