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My name is Ana Martínez Jiménez, from 3rd C. I went to an exchange to London about a month ago, and I really enjoyed it. I am going to talk about my experiences there and the things we did. 

I had never done an exchange before and so this was my first time and I really enjoyed it. 
Once we arrived in London, we went to Richmond and met our English partners. I was a bit nervous, because I had not met my partner before, as the rest of students had done before Christmas time in Spain. We  all met at Richmond station and we were all very happy to see each other again. Although my English friend didn't come to visit our country, I had already met the rest of the English students who were taking part in the exchange visit.
I saw my English partner, Katie. She looked very nice and kind. 

After that, we went to eat fish and chips in a restaurant. Delicious!!

Later, we went to our partner's house . Her house was incredibly big! It was so typical English: with the carpets all over the floor. The house had three floors and it was quite cosy. The family were so kind with me. Katie had an older brother, although I didn't see him very much during the week.

We also went to a park near the place.

We spent the weekend with our partners and we did a lot of things on our own but also  with the whole group. For example, we went to Richmond Park. There was a beautiful huge lake there, and there were also deer!

Now we had to talk about the last four days without our English partner. They had to go to school while we visited the capital with our teachers.

Every morning, since Monday, we had to wake up at about6:30 a.m in the morning. But they didn't have blinds, so you could wake up even earlier, which was my case. Each morning, I had breakfast, then Ihad a shower, put on my clothes and went  to school with Katie.
We had to take the bus every morning to go to school, as most of our partners did.

 We usually went on double-deckers, which was great :). Then we met all together in the school. English people went to the classes and we went London. About the food, the mother of my partner prepared me a sandwitch with grapes and fruit (the family loved  fruit and  vegetables) and milkshakes. They were very nice, I have to say.

 We made a lot of activities that week. We went on a boat an the river  Thames. From there, we saw the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, the Big Ben, and many more monuments.


We didn't only see monuments, we also saw museums, such as the British Museum.

 I forgot Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Picadilly Circus, which was a great opportunity to buy clothes, sovenirs and gifts. In Buckingham Palace, there were beautiful views from the London Eye. I'll show you a photo.

Here, I have a photo of the whole group.

Just to end with, I want to show you a  photo about the scones we made. They were delicious and spongy. They are very lucky to have cooking classes in their school! I¨d love to have them as well!! Their school is amazing, and they also learn languages, such as Spanish, French and German. I loved to hear Spanish there :), and although they've been learning Spanish like a year, they speak quite well.


I think it's been an extraordinary experience. You learn a lot of English and you enjoy a lot.
 I've been very lucky to go through this experience!

Ana Martinez. 3º Grade.

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Type of Learner

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Sports in Britain

What are the most popular sports in Britain?
Which ones do kids like most?
How much do you know about the most famous sporting venues?
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