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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is considered one of the best playwrights who has ever existed. If you want to know about him as a writer, actor and poet you will find some curious information here. Some people even wonder if he really existed.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

I would like you to watch this film which is a cartoon version of Romeo and Juliet. It is divided in tree different parts. Can you find any differences with the story we are reading in class?. You can add them in your comments in this blog.

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011


All of us have got a favourite item of clothing. Choose your favourite T-shirt and describe it: size, colour, patttern, material etc.
Maybe it is so special because it was a present from a friend. Tell us a curiosity or story in relation with it.

Here you can see some of my students´ favourite ones.

My favourite T-shirt

My favourite T-shirt is of Quicksilver brand name.It had a picture of the logos of Quicksilver of the colours yellow and orange.The logo of Quicksilver is a wave and a mountain.This T-shirt is made of cotton.I bought this T-shirt on Saturday.A curiosity is that it was the last they had in the shop.This T-shirt is made in France.

My favourite T-shirt

My favorite T-shirt is Adidas, it is black, green and white. I remember that this T-shirt was a gift for my birthday and there is a pair of trousers that combine with it. This T-shirt is in and it is so beautiful. The trousers also are good. I hope you like my T-shirt!


viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

My favourite t-shirt

It is made of cotton.You can wash it and iron it.Itis blue and white.It is patterned.It has a ribbon to put it round the neck. It is very special for me because i bought it with a friend.

This is the story of my favourite t-shirt:

I went to the commercial center with my friend and we saw this t-shirt.Then we bought it because we liked it.I bought it last summer in H&M.

I like it because it is very comfortable and you can wear it with jeans.The t-shirt is short, wide, medium size and doesn´t have sleeves.

Itziar Dominguez Martin

My favourite T-shirt.

My favourite T-shirt.
I like this T-shirt because it has a penguin with glasses and it is very confortable , it has short sleeves and it is black . It has letters and I like it very much . It is 100% cotton . It is made in France . I bought it in New Yorker. It is casual and expensive .

Vanessa Martín

published by : Patricia Romero.

My favourite T-Shirt

My favourite T-Shirt is black and it is decorated with white flowers and with silver sequins, around a message that says: “Sweet dreams 4 glamour Girls”
It is BTS brand. A friend gave it to me when I was 12. It’s my favourite T-Shirt because I like the design, and because I like the message that it has.
Gemma González

My favourite t-shirt

My favourite t-shirt: It is new,it has only one month.It is made of cotton.You can wash it.You can iron it.It is white,grey and purple.It has letters in purple.It has white sleeves and purple letters on the sleeves.In the letters you can see a little city.

Ider El Bouzidi

My Favourite T-Shirt

My favourite t-shirt is made of cotton. It's mustard colour. I bought this shirt in the summer of 2010, in Oropesa (Castellón). When we went to buy the shirt, the assistant said that the shirt had been sold out and we had to wait until the following Monday.Israel del Pozo 1stD

My Favourite T-Shirt: Muse Europe Tour

My favourite t-shirt is the 'Muse Europe Tour' one. It's about my favourite music band, Muse. It's made  of cotton and I bought it in the official shops of the band, outside of the Vicente Calderón football stadium, where they were going to play.

On the front, it has the Muse logo, in blue, purple, yellow and red colours. On the back, with the same colours, it has a kind of original drawing, similar to a figure, and it also has the 2010 Europe tour of their new album, The Resistance.

I went to the concert on the sixteenth of June 2010. When I was nearly going to enter the stadium, I saw it, and I absolutely fell in love, so we went to buy it.

Here in Spain only a few people know the band, but in the USA and UK it's very famous. So when I was in New York and I had this tee on, a man told me:
'Hey! That's a great band! Did you see them live?'

I was amazed!

Sara Palazzo Fernández 1stD

My favourite T-Shirt

I bought my favourite T-Shirt in ZARA, last Friday. I was with my friend Noelia, when we wer shopping in "Tres Aguas".
My T-Shirt is semi-transparent, so you have to wear another white top under it. I like it becouse it is like retro. It is like an advice from the 50's.
It has some big letters. In one is written "Creamy" and in some smaller ones is written: "and Fresh", so you can read "Creamy and Fresh". Then, there is a big photograph of an ice cream and some hand written letters in green saying:Sweetie and Fresh under it.
I like also the shape. It is long and it has a very large collar, so one shoulder is exposed

My favourite T-shirt

My favourite T-shirt.
I like this T-shirt because it has the shape of a heart and inside it, there are many photos and pictures with different coulors or shapes . It is so confortable and it has short sleeves . It is 100 per cent cotton . It was made in Morocco . It is from Berska . It is a casual and a modern T-shirt .

Patricia Romero
Published by : Patricia Romero

My favourite T-Shirt

My favourite T-Shirt: It is new, It has only 5 days. It is made of cotton. It is red, green, white and brown.It has the word “jungle” in the middle and under, it has a circle that says” Zone savannah land”. I like this T-Shirt because red colour is my favourite”.
                                                               By: Ruben Lara 1ºD

My Favourite T-Shirt.

This is my favourite T-shirt. This T-shirt is made  of cotton.

The colour of my T-shirt is dark blue, with a heart in the middle.

I like this T-shirt because it´s very beautiful.

I bought it in a street market of my village in Alicante.

One day, I was walking with my parents, I saw a street market installed near
the beach. I told my parents if we could buy it. My parents agreed and we went to the street market. When I saw the T-shirt in one stall, I bought it.

Noelia Segura. 1st D

My Favourite T-Shirt

My favourite T-shirt has some years and its blue colour has been fading.

It was a present for my birthday. I also have a bag with the same design.

In the front of the T-shirt there are lots of famous people, for example:
Rafa Nadal, Picasso, Walt Disney, Einstein, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley... and a lot more!! As you see there are very several kinds of people.

Actually, I don´t know who are some guys on it!!

One curiosity is that in Summer wherever I go on holiday, this T-shirt is in my baggage.

It´s from a brand that I think all the clothes they do are funny, and also made by hand, every drawing has a message. This brand is called: "Kukuxumusu".

The fabrics of the T-Shirt, have been taken a bit thinner so it´s much cooler for the summer.

By: Alberto. A 1st D

My favourite T-Shirt

My favourite T-Shirt : It is new. It has only one month.

It is made of cotton. You can wash it, you can iron it.

It is black, white and it has some letters in red. It has a white car in the middle, but you can’t see any pilot inside the car. There are some letters on it and under the car there are some black flames, inside the flames you can see some buildings.

By Roberto Vidal Bueno 1ºD

My favourite t-shirt

This is the story of my favorite t-shirt:
I was walking in the street ...and suddenly I saw the best t-shirt of the world.Other day, I went to Tres Aguas to the "New Yorker" shop and... it was there .I could not resist and I bought it.

It is white and in the middle, it has a penguin stamped in the centre.The penguin is black with a white belly.It has blue eyes and yellow feet and beak. He is thinking this: I love ice cubes.

It has short sleeves, it is narrow ,medium size , long and the cloth is thin .
It is made of cotton and and the penguin is made of velvet.

By Maria Sterling Grande 1ºD

My favourite t-shirt

My favourite t-shirt is green and it has girls jumping in the pool. I have bought it in"New Caro"shop.
It is important for me because I was looking for it, for a long time and when I bought it I found two four-leaf clovers.
I love my t-shirt!!!

By Álvaro Beltrán

My favourite T-shirt

My favourite T-shirt is Quicksilver brand name.It has a picture of Quicksilver logos in yellow and orange colours.The logo of Quicksilver is a wave and a mountain.This T-shirt is made of cotton.I bought this T-shirt on Saturday. A curiosity is that it was the last they had in the shop.This T-shirt was made in France.

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011


First of all, I want to congratulate all my students in different classes who have been taking part in this Mini Saga contest. In general stories are very original. I appreciate  the fantasy you have displayed in most of them. Here you can read a selection
of the best ones you handed in to me.


I walked slowly down the dark passage holding a candle. Suddenly I heard something at the end. It sounded like a horrible cry. Trembling, I went to see what had happened. I discovered my lovely liittle brother watching Tv. Of course the program on television was only for adults.

                                                    Pedro J. Marín Comino


One day a little girl was with her parents on the beach. The girl found a beautiful necklace and she put it on. When the girl got in the water she met a mermaid. She told the girl : "Oh! You found my necklace. Can you give it to me, please..?"
                                                    Noelia Segura

He was running late, very late! That was the last flight and he didn´t want to spend the night at the airport. He ran as fast as he could. There were only fifteen minutes left. When he reached the gate his panic turned to a smile --his flight was delayed.
                                                   Bosco Fernandez

I was scared. I heard noises. I tried to sleep. It was impossible. I stood silently. I opened the door......Nothing was there!!!
I turned around and I saw a baby sleeping. I closed my eyes then I opened them and it disappeared. I woke up. It was a dream.

                        Alberto Alonso


I was alone in my room. I heard a strange noise. It came from the basement. I was scared because I have never heard that noise before. Suddenly I walked downstairs. When I was there i heard another noise. Then, I run upstairs. Finally, it was only an open window.              
                                                       Itziar Dominguez


How are you? Bad. I was terribly bad. "Well" I said. "No,you aren´t ok". He always knew how I felt. He always knew everything. That´s why I loved him. He looked at me on my eyes. He came closer. He kissed me.
I ran away. I was only nine. 

                       Celia Valverde


One day, the phone started ringing in Lisa´s home. When she answered the phone, a horrible voice said: "Come alone to Sun street". The girl went to the street although she felt afraid. A boy stood in the distance. He was her boyfriend!! He was giving her an anniversary surprise.

                                                                                                                 Patricia Romero


It was nearly midnight when John got into the subway. Two men were following him. When the train stopped, the two men pulled him. "Give us all the money you´ve got!" John was surprised. "Well guys, are you going to rob a policeman?" He laughed and the two men escaped.

                       Sara Palazzo


I was twelve years old. I was alone in the street bacause my mother said: "You have to go to Romeo´s house". I didn´t know anything but I went there. It was dark and silent but suddenly I heard some steps. My friends were there giving me a suprise party.

                                               Roberto Vidal


It was a rainy day and Ely was reading a mistery story. It was about a girl who didn´t believe in ghosts.....Suddenly Ely closed her book. There was someone or something. Ghosts? ..Mum?.....No, it was the wall. There she could read: "Believe in ghosts. Be sure. We exist".

                                                    María Sterling

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011



Derek was about to sign the contract. He couldn´t imagine who that man was. The only thing they had in common was a conversation and that paper. He didn´t know if he should trust him. As he didn´t have time to think, he accepted and he ran from that creepy place.
                                                                                        Maria Gonzalez Martín. 3rd.D


It was my first trip with the team. The rest of the member already knew each other but I didn´t kno them. I was nervous despite I´m very sociable. When I met them, everyone said hello to me and little by little I became part of the group.
                                                                                       Tania Rodriguez Vega. 3rd.D


One day I woke up. I felt like someone was behind me. I turned and I saw a ghost. It couldn´t be, ghosts don´t exist....The next day in the newspaper I read a woman was found in strange circumstances. This woman was me...... Maybe ghosts exist. Be careful!
                                                                                           Ainhoa Rivilla Rodriguez. 3rd.D


With the most glittering smile of his life and tears in his eyes, as if for a moment the world has stopped, she looked shy. She was there, glancing at him with tendernes, waiting for the right time to embrace and draw the best smile. The man of her dreams.
                                                                                             Nerea Chapinal Romero. 3rd.D


Many years ago, in an old house lost in the countryside, during the meeting of a peculiar family, one old man said there was a killer among the guests. At first, nobody believed him. But people started to disappear and in the end only the innocent man remained.
                                                                                              Celia Pastor. 3rd.D


There was a bird that wanted some freedom but it was captured in a cage. One day, a fire broke up and suddenly the cage opened. The birs escaped but then an eagle tried to eat it and it decided to hide. It learnt that freedom is not that funny.
                                                                                             Raquel Martinez Rubio. 3rd.D


There were two friends who liked the same boy. One day, the boy asked one of the girls that he loved her. He invited her to the cinema, but she thought that if she accepted, the other girl would be sad. Then she considered friendship more important than love.
                                                                                              Rocio Gonzalez Merino. 3rd.D