viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

My Favourite T-Shirt: Muse Europe Tour

My favourite t-shirt is the 'Muse Europe Tour' one. It's about my favourite music band, Muse. It's made  of cotton and I bought it in the official shops of the band, outside of the Vicente Calderón football stadium, where they were going to play.

On the front, it has the Muse logo, in blue, purple, yellow and red colours. On the back, with the same colours, it has a kind of original drawing, similar to a figure, and it also has the 2010 Europe tour of their new album, The Resistance.

I went to the concert on the sixteenth of June 2010. When I was nearly going to enter the stadium, I saw it, and I absolutely fell in love, so we went to buy it.

Here in Spain only a few people know the band, but in the USA and UK it's very famous. So when I was in New York and I had this tee on, a man told me:
'Hey! That's a great band! Did you see them live?'

I was amazed!

Sara Palazzo Fernández 1stD

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