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First of all, I want to congratulate all my students in different classes who have been taking part in this Mini Saga contest. In general stories are very original. I appreciate  the fantasy you have displayed in most of them. Here you can read a selection
of the best ones you handed in to me.


I walked slowly down the dark passage holding a candle. Suddenly I heard something at the end. It sounded like a horrible cry. Trembling, I went to see what had happened. I discovered my lovely liittle brother watching Tv. Of course the program on television was only for adults.

                                                    Pedro J. Marín Comino


One day a little girl was with her parents on the beach. The girl found a beautiful necklace and she put it on. When the girl got in the water she met a mermaid. She told the girl : "Oh! You found my necklace. Can you give it to me, please..?"
                                                    Noelia Segura

He was running late, very late! That was the last flight and he didn´t want to spend the night at the airport. He ran as fast as he could. There were only fifteen minutes left. When he reached the gate his panic turned to a smile --his flight was delayed.
                                                   Bosco Fernandez

I was scared. I heard noises. I tried to sleep. It was impossible. I stood silently. I opened the door......Nothing was there!!!
I turned around and I saw a baby sleeping. I closed my eyes then I opened them and it disappeared. I woke up. It was a dream.

                        Alberto Alonso


I was alone in my room. I heard a strange noise. It came from the basement. I was scared because I have never heard that noise before. Suddenly I walked downstairs. When I was there i heard another noise. Then, I run upstairs. Finally, it was only an open window.              
                                                       Itziar Dominguez


How are you? Bad. I was terribly bad. "Well" I said. "No,you aren´t ok". He always knew how I felt. He always knew everything. That´s why I loved him. He looked at me on my eyes. He came closer. He kissed me.
I ran away. I was only nine. 

                       Celia Valverde


One day, the phone started ringing in Lisa´s home. When she answered the phone, a horrible voice said: "Come alone to Sun street". The girl went to the street although she felt afraid. A boy stood in the distance. He was her boyfriend!! He was giving her an anniversary surprise.

                                                                                                                 Patricia Romero


It was nearly midnight when John got into the subway. Two men were following him. When the train stopped, the two men pulled him. "Give us all the money you´ve got!" John was surprised. "Well guys, are you going to rob a policeman?" He laughed and the two men escaped.

                       Sara Palazzo


I was twelve years old. I was alone in the street bacause my mother said: "You have to go to Romeo´s house". I didn´t know anything but I went there. It was dark and silent but suddenly I heard some steps. My friends were there giving me a suprise party.

                                               Roberto Vidal


It was a rainy day and Ely was reading a mistery story. It was about a girl who didn´t believe in ghosts.....Suddenly Ely closed her book. There was someone or something. Ghosts? ..Mum?.....No, it was the wall. There she could read: "Believe in ghosts. Be sure. We exist".

                                                    María Sterling

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