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Article about "The Tale of two cities"

Incident in the roads of Paris
Our dearest Marquis of Evremonde is quite disappointed. This morning he has been waiting for hours at the palace of the king of France without receiving any response.
In the beginning, Monsieur Evremonde has stayed quite calm, but as normal ,he has ended considerably irate.
Immediately, we left as fast as possible from the palace, to satisfy our disturbed Marquis. Nevertheless we haven 't been able to do this due to the irresponsibility of people. It seems that our citizens do not know how to take care of themselves and their children. Apparently, an shiftless man , called Gaspard, had left alone his own child, who was playing on the road and as normal we couldn't have stopped the coach in a sudden.
Instead of understanding the Marquis´s situation, people stared at the Marquis very strangely, which the Marquis didn 't like, and started making a terrible noise!!!
This incident hasn 't just affected himself but also his horses. Apparently, they are the favourite of the Marquis and he remains quite worried about them.
Moreover, monsieur of Evremonde understood the situation of Gaspard and gave him a golden coin, something he shouldn´t have done.
People, you need to understand that above all we need to respect and take care of our noblemen. After all they are the ones that take care of us and the ones who build our future.
Please remember this for the future.
The officials of the Marquis of Evremonde

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A tale of two cities chapters 5-6-7-8-9 summary

Mr Carton and Charles Darnay are in love with Lucie.Charles talks to Lucie´s father about this and he promises if Lucie is in love with Darnay, she will marry him one day.

Mr Carton declares his love to Lucie but tells her it is impossible for them to be together. Finally, Lucie and Charles get married. Dr. Mannette was very ill for ten days but finally he got better and Lucie was never told about it. Mr. and Mrs. Defarge sent English spies  for them in France where there is a big revolution going on and where lots of innocent people are dying. Mr Lorry is talking to Charles telling him he is going to go to France to help but Charles doesn´t want to let him go. That night, Charles recieved a letter from his friend in France and Charles goes there to help. He is put in prison for being an emigrant.

About a year later, he is released thanks to Dr. Mannette. But two days after, Mr. and Mrs. Defarge sent Charles back to prison. Mr. Lorry finds a spy, Jhon Barsard, Mrs. Pross´ brother and bribes him to help Charles Darnay get out of prison again.

By: Lily Natasha Robson Macdonald

A Tale of Two Cities Chapters 6-9 Summary:

Gaspard was hanged and shown in the center of the village.
Mme. Defarge was writing a list of people who were bad for the people and foreigners went to the village, they brought new ideas.
Later, in 1789, the French Revolution started and people attacked the Bastille, soldiers in the Bastille showed a white flag after ten hours.
That night the Bastille was burnt and nobody tried to solve it.
In London, Charles Darnay (the new Marquis in France) received a letter from his old family servant, saying that he was in prison and asking for help.
Charles went to France where he was arrested. Dr Manette helped him and he was declared not guilty as Dr Manette was very popular there. But some days after, Charles Darnay was again in prison because Mme. Mr. Defarge and an unknown person accused him.

By Ricardo C.

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was born on 7th. February 1812 in Portsea, England. His family was quite humble and at the age of twelve his father was imprisoned for debt so he had to had to leave school and star working  at a boot blacking factory. After some months, when his father was released, he went to school again for  other two years. Then, at fifteen he found employment as a boy at an attorney´s office while he studied shorthand at night. The brief time at the Blacking factory marked all his life -only his family and his closest friends knew about it- but probably this experience gave him all his creative energy and source of inspiration for his innumerable short stories and great novels: Hard times, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, David  Copperfield, Bleak House,The Posthumous papers of Pickwick club, A Christmas Carol, The Signal Man (which we are reading in class) and many others.

Charles Dickens is one of the greatest English writers of all times who has fascinated plenty of generations and  also an example of a self-made man who knew about difficulties in his early childhood but he was never defeated by them.

If you click here you will see a short animation film telling his biography.
His biography.

A Tale of two cities by Charles Dickens.Film Part 2.

This is the last part of the film. Though the copy is a bit old, I think it is worthy to watch.

Clicking below you can find very useful information for the projects this term:

A Tale Of Two Cities (Charles Dickens)

Summary Chapters 1-5

The story is set in France and London before the French Revolution.
Dr. Manette is in a wine shop, owned by Monsier and Madame Defarge. He has been in prison in the Bastille, for 18 years and is obsessed with making shoes. His daughter Lucy, who didn't know he is alive, together with Mr. Jarvis Lorry, takes him back to England.
Five years later, a trial is celebrated in London. Charles Darnay is tried on a charge of treason. Mr Stryver proved a man called Mr Carton looks just like him.
Mr Manette works as a doctor. He is well.
In Paris, the Marquis of Evermonde runs over and kills a boy. His father kills him.
Darnay is the marquis' nephew, but nobody knows it. He marries Lucy and tells the doctor the secret of his name.
Carton loves Lucy too and promises to do anything for her or for anyone whom she loves.

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A Tale of two cities by Charles Dickens. Film Part 1

Apart from reading this classic from the great 19th.century author Charles Dickens, whose 200 anniversary we will celebrate this year, I came across this copy of the film and I think it will help you to understand the story of the book much better. Enjoy it!

To be continued...................