martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was born on 7th. February 1812 in Portsea, England. His family was quite humble and at the age of twelve his father was imprisoned for debt so he had to had to leave school and star working  at a boot blacking factory. After some months, when his father was released, he went to school again for  other two years. Then, at fifteen he found employment as a boy at an attorney´s office while he studied shorthand at night. The brief time at the Blacking factory marked all his life -only his family and his closest friends knew about it- but probably this experience gave him all his creative energy and source of inspiration for his innumerable short stories and great novels: Hard times, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, David  Copperfield, Bleak House,The Posthumous papers of Pickwick club, A Christmas Carol, The Signal Man (which we are reading in class) and many others.

Charles Dickens is one of the greatest English writers of all times who has fascinated plenty of generations and  also an example of a self-made man who knew about difficulties in his early childhood but he was never defeated by them.

If you click here you will see a short animation film telling his biography.
His biography.

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