martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

A Tale of Two Cities Chapters 6-9 Summary:

Gaspard was hanged and shown in the center of the village.
Mme. Defarge was writing a list of people who were bad for the people and foreigners went to the village, they brought new ideas.
Later, in 1789, the French Revolution started and people attacked the Bastille, soldiers in the Bastille showed a white flag after ten hours.
That night the Bastille was burnt and nobody tried to solve it.
In London, Charles Darnay (the new Marquis in France) received a letter from his old family servant, saying that he was in prison and asking for help.
Charles went to France where he was arrested. Dr Manette helped him and he was declared not guilty as Dr Manette was very popular there. But some days after, Charles Darnay was again in prison because Mme. Mr. Defarge and an unknown person accused him.

By Ricardo C.

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