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Article about "The Tale of two cities"

Incident in the roads of Paris
Our dearest Marquis of Evremonde is quite disappointed. This morning he has been waiting for hours at the palace of the king of France without receiving any response.
In the beginning, Monsieur Evremonde has stayed quite calm, but as normal ,he has ended considerably irate.
Immediately, we left as fast as possible from the palace, to satisfy our disturbed Marquis. Nevertheless we haven 't been able to do this due to the irresponsibility of people. It seems that our citizens do not know how to take care of themselves and their children. Apparently, an shiftless man , called Gaspard, had left alone his own child, who was playing on the road and as normal we couldn't have stopped the coach in a sudden.
Instead of understanding the Marquis´s situation, people stared at the Marquis very strangely, which the Marquis didn 't like, and started making a terrible noise!!!
This incident hasn 't just affected himself but also his horses. Apparently, they are the favourite of the Marquis and he remains quite worried about them.
Moreover, monsieur of Evremonde understood the situation of Gaspard and gave him a golden coin, something he shouldn´t have done.
People, you need to understand that above all we need to respect and take care of our noblemen. After all they are the ones that take care of us and the ones who build our future.
Please remember this for the future.
The officials of the Marquis of Evremonde

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