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This year we want to celebrate the 50th anniversary of  The Beatles first albulm "Please please me" and for this reason we have been working on this topic the last few weeks. We have been listening to different songs, illustrating them and researching on the Beatles biographies , the society at that time "The 60´s"and issues related to it.

                                These pictures show the fantastic work students have performed.                                      

The Beatles: When I saw her standing there

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013


Is this fiction or reality?

Imagine a computer on your glasses that knows exactly where you are (using a GPS), and exactly where you're looking.
The computer is talking to a powerful server computer through wireless Internet. If you're looking at a street, the computer sends the GPS location to the server, downloads the street name (Madison Avenue, say). Then it displays the name on the transparent glasses in front of your eyes! 
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viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013



Even through these situations, in which the country is in a really bad condition and there is no hope for a lot of people, music is within all of us, supporting us in the moments we need it and it will perserve through time!
Smile at the problems and look at the sun because it is coming as the Beatles said!

In this video, a band went to an employment office. There, they made a lot of people have fun and enjoy while waiting. This is the way in which music expresses its support to all the citizens.

It has been an international issue. This is an extract of a newspaper from Switzerland:

Protest hat viele Gesichter: Flashmob im Arbeitsamt Madrid


Ein wolkiger, kalter Morgen in Madrid Anfang Januar. Der Wartesaal im Arbeitsamt ist gesteckt voll, wie derzeit überall in Spanien. Auf den Stühlen sitzen Menschen, deren Ausbildung nicht selten besser und deren Lebenslauf nicht selten aussagefähiger sind als die vieler Politiker, die für uns alle Entscheidungen treffen. Die Stimmung ist gedrückt … und dann:
Spanien ist Protest, aber Spanien ist auch Lebenslust und der unbändige Wille, sich nicht unterkriegen zu lassen. Wir sind zwar arbeitslos, aber nicht untätig, soll diese Aktion sagen, die vom Radioprogramm Carne Cruda 2.0 organisiert wurde. Und wir sind wach, aufmerksam und nehmen nicht alles hin. Protest hat viele Gesichter. Sogar schöne und sehr emotionale.

this is the news blog in which it was posted on the internet:

this is the reccording of the band´s performance;

please could you post here any other performance of other bands or anything related with how the music expresses itself their support for the citizen or the problems the ´´art of the music´´ is suffering nowadays and the injustices that the music is suffering.