jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Shakespeare´s Exhibition 2014

This academic year we are still celebrating the 450th. anniversary of Shakespeare´s birth at our High School.

The programme we designed in our English department included all the students in every single class doing different projects and different activities in relation with the writer, his work and his time. These activities have included research work, oral presentations, lectures given by our assistants and other teachers, reading some of Shakespeare´s most important plays, rehearsing , acting out and an overall Treasusure Hunt as a wrapping activity.

This has been an awesome project and I want to congratulate everybody for making it possible.

You can see part of it in these pictures:

martes, 10 de junio de 2014

Do you want to make a puzzle?

Looking for possible puzzle makers on the Internet I found this gadget. It is very simple to use and good fun to play. Here you have a puzzle about the famous painting of Goya “Los fusilamientos del 2 de mayo”. Have fun with it.
Press the refresh arrow in the puzzle gadget to start the puzzle.

Need help?
·         Drag the pieces of the puzzle clicking on them with your mouse.
·         On the left bottom corner you have some options.
o   The first one (landscape) shows the image when clicked.
o   When you click the second one (ghost), the image appears in the bottom of the screen to help you as a clue.
o   The third one (square) is used to order (ordenar) and mess up (desordenar) the pieces.
o   The fourth one (engine) is to begin again the puzzle, to change the colour of the background, to set up many other things and to look the instructions of the game
If you are interested in these online puzzles, follow the link.

lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

El Greco: "El Caballero de la Mano en el Pecho"

I´ve made a presentation about el Greco and my favourite painting, "El Caballero de la Mano en el Pecho".
Here goes the presentation

I have also made a story. I have some blanks, because I made people say things according to the blank so it will make a funny and original story. Here it goes

I also made a game, but I can´t embed it here as it uses trasitions and SlideShare doesn´t use them. It´s a pity. Sorry

I hope you enjoy with my presentation and you enjoy a lot with it!! It will be useful for everyone that wants to know more about Renaissance painters !!