jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Shakespeare´s Exhibition 2014

This academic year we are still celebrating the 450th. anniversary of Shakespeare´s birth at our High School.

The programme we designed in our English department included all the students in every single class doing different projects and different activities in relation with the writer, his work and his time. These activities have included research work, oral presentations, lectures given by our assistants and other teachers, reading some of Shakespeare´s most important plays, rehearsing , acting out and an overall Treasusure Hunt as a wrapping activity.

This has been an awesome project and I want to congratulate everybody for making it possible.

You can see part of it in these pictures:

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  1. I have really enjoyed looking for information about Shakespeare's works and how he lived. It's a very interesting topic and I thing that everyone in the high school has learned something new about him. For example, now I know that there is not a constant spelling for Shakespeare, as he signed of very different ways. That means that you can write almost everything that sounds like Shakespeare and it will be right (Shakespear, Shakesper, etc...)
    I hope that the rest of the students have also paid attention to the different activities of Shakespeare we have had in class and that they have had fun while learning!