sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013


Would computers  or robots be able to have feelings, emotions or even have a personality in the future?


Isaac Asimov, one of the most important contemporary scientists  and also sci-fi  writer has written a short story about this and it has been the basis for this amazing film directed in 1999 starring Robin Williams. It is brilliantly done and I hope you enjoy it.

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013



Les Misérables is a film based on the musical adaptation of the original book written by Victor Hugo. It started to be shot in February 2012 and was finally released in our country on the 25th of December of the same year.

The film features an incredible cast led by Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean), Russell Crow (Javert), Anne Hathaway (Fantine) and Amanda seyfried (Cosette). Complete the cast Eddie Redmayne, Helena Benham Carter, Sara Cohen and Samantha Barks. The film is directed by the Oscar winner Tom Hooper, director as well of the award-winner film The King’s Speech.

In 1815, the convict Jean Valjean is paroled by the prison guard Javert after serving 19 years. After his rejection, the bishop of Digne offers him food and shelter but instead of accepting, Valjean decides to steal some silverware. After being caught by the authorities, the bishop ensures the release of Valjean. Embarrassed by the generosity received, Jean Valjean commits to start an honest life under a new identity.

After eight years, Valjean has become a factory owner and mayor of a small city. Fantine, one of his workers, sent much of her salary to his illegitimate daughter Cosette. However she was discovered and finally fired out, leaving her with no job or home. Jean Valjean decides in that moment to take care of Cosette, mainly when Fantine dies.

From this point onwards, the film tells us the life of Cosette when she is young and how she falls in love with Marius, a young men who fights in the revolution that is taking place in France.

Les Misérables received favorable reviews. It has an approval rating of 70% of 210reviews with a rating of 7/10 under consensus: “Les Misérables is successful thanks to the great performances of his distinguished cast.

All things considered, it is a good film that should be watched at least once. I recommend it to everyone who likes musical films.   

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's

This Blake Edward's production was released in 1961  impressing the public with its stunning star, Adrey Hepburn.

This film is based in Truman Capote's best-seller, which tells the story of a carefree, non-chalant and happy-go-lucky New York girl called Holly Golightly (Adrey Hepburn), who is desperately seeking for the best millionaire in town . However she realises life is something more than money, and finds light in a hard-working writer, played by George Peppard.

It's shown human need to find its way out of misery, as Holly tries to build a new life in New York, far away from her background in Texas. In the other hand, we realise the fight between materialism and deeper moral values, all of it combined in a happy-end Hollywood production with the wonderful Henry Mancini's soundtrack, "Moon River", winner of the Oscar.

Although the best seller describes much more objectibly how Holly works as a prostitute, the film shows quite frankly the moral values we have mentioned before.

In my opinion the actors worked gorgeously and the views of New York City are pretty impressive.