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Aren´t  they  cute? Try to make some of them using lollipops, and some other basic materials.

This is Halloween

Scary monsters

Super Freaks

Make up is a kind of art. Can you invent one design for Halloween night? Let´s see how creative you can be.

      How many symbols of Halloween can you see in the 1st.video ? Write a list.


domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014



She is from North Carolina . Carolina has a big mountain crossing it far from the coast . Carolina is known  for the Wright brothers who invented the first airplane . The first attempt was a very short flight, it only lasted about 12 seconds  but it was a huge step for the human history . 
Carolina is known for its beaches, too. Raleigh, its capital,has a population of  9,85 million inhabitants.  There are 3 skyscrapers near a big and beautiful park.  


                      AUTUMN IN NORTH CAROLINA

     It is very beautiful and you can find a lot of places with brown,orange and red leaves . Kristia wants to  see these places here,too.

                    FAVOURITES THINGS




She doesn´t 
have any pets  
but she has a 
plant . 



by Miriam 1ºE

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014


Jamie was born in Scotland (Edinburgh).In Scotland they wear  kilts, their traditional clothes. They also play the bagpipes. He studied in the University of Edinburgh. In Scotland they eat a delicious food called "Haggies" that tastes very well but looks really awful.

Jamie is twenty three years old. He has lived in North America, Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico. He has one sister called Sadie who is a social worker. His father is called Tom and his mum is called Mary.This summer he taught English in a summer campsite. He has been here in Madrid for two years now.

He loves football. His favourite Spanish football team is Atletico de Madrid and his favourite player from this team is Koke but his favourite one of all football players is Benteke.One curious fact about Jamie is that he only speaks one language. Does he??????
By Elena Tomás 1ºE

Our assistant James


Our assistant James is from "SCOTLAND":

He's from Edimburgh,Scotland, United Kingdom (UK). Recently Scotland wanted to get independent and he voted "YES" for it. 

The traditional clothes in Scotland is the kilt which is usually worn for weddings and special occasions. 

Scottish people also play Shinty which is similar to hockey.

"Haggis"is some typical and delicious food which tastes like "black pudding". Haggis are made of sheep´s meat, liver, heart, and intestine.

His favourite colours are:blue and green,he has lived in Costa Rica,Brazil and Guayana,Mexico.

His family is composed by his father Tom, who works teaching languages; his mother Mary who works at UK goverment and his sister Sadie,who works as a social worker.  He studied at "Edimburgh University". He has been two years in Spain now. His best memory is when "Atletic" won the league. His favourite players are Benteke and Koke.

This summer he worked in an English camp.



James Thomson

His name is James but he prefers Jamie. James is 22 years old. He comes from Scotland and he wants the independence of it. He has a mother called Mary, a father called Tom and a sister called Salie. He doesn´t play the bagpipes but his father does.

James went to the University of Edinburg. He has lived in Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and in U.S.A. He speaks English, Scottish and he can said `hola´ in Spanish. He recommended the Haggis if we go someday to Scotland.
James loves playing and watching football. He likes Atletico de Madrid but his favourite football club is Aston Villa. His favourite player is Benteke. The worst moment of football for him was the final of the `Cup of the King´, when the Atletico de Madrid lost vs. Real Madrid.

I think That James is going to be a good assistant for us.

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MELANIE: our new English assistant

Melanie McManamon is also our new English assistant this year.

She is 22 and her birthday is on October 11th. She's from San Jose, California, which is very close to San Francisco, and she lives in the suburbs of the city.Her parents are called Kevin and Nathalie, and she has 2 brothers: Trevor, who is 24, and Luke, who is 19. Other members of Melanie's family are her 2 dogs Allie and Brie, which are schnauzers.

She went to a private high school called Archbishop Mitty and when she graduated she moved to Portland, Oregon to study Education (Teaching) at the University of Portland for 4 years. She said people and things are so weird in Portland that there's a TV show called ''Portlandia'' broadcasted all around the USA that only talks about that place. In Portland there's a very famous doughnuts shop that sells many different types of doughnuts called ''Voo Doo Doughnuts''.
She loves photography. She also likes hiking, cliff jumping and kayacking, as well as playing frisbee. Another thing she likes to do is going to Monterey, where there's and aquarium. She also travels a lot; she has been to Spain, England, Ireland, France, Mexico and Costa Rica.She likes alternative music and her favourite song is 'Stolen Dance' from Milky Chance and her favourite TV programme is 'Castle' and she loved the book 'Atonement' when she read it.
Her favourite food is cheese burguer, although she  also likes Spanish omelettes so much.

A person that really inspired Melanie was a teacher of her, called Kate, who unfortunately died last summer.Finally. she told us that as in California there are a lot of earthquakes, she has lived a few of these situations.