viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014


Jamie was born in Scotland (Edinburgh).In Scotland they wear  kilts, their traditional clothes. They also play the bagpipes. He studied in the University of Edinburgh. In Scotland they eat a delicious food called "Haggies" that tastes very well but looks really awful.

Jamie is twenty three years old. He has lived in North America, Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico. He has one sister called Sadie who is a social worker. His father is called Tom and his mum is called Mary.This summer he taught English in a summer campsite. He has been here in Madrid for two years now.

He loves football. His favourite Spanish football team is Atletico de Madrid and his favourite player from this team is Koke but his favourite one of all football players is Benteke.One curious fact about Jamie is that he only speaks one language. Does he??????
By Elena Tomás 1ºE

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