lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

Our new assistant: KRISTIA CEDEÑO

Our new assistant, Kristia Cedeño, is 25 years old and comes from North Carolina.
North Carolina is located in the Southeast of the United States, It borders Southern Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

It's known for the Wright brothers, its BBQ, college basketball, the University and, specially, the Outer Bnks islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

The capital city is Raleigh, where our assistant lives. Raleigh has a subtropical climet. It has approximetly 427.000 inhabitants.
Kristia lives in a family house there.

Her parents are Jo and Raúl.
She has two brothers. The eldest in Karlo that is 29 years old and lives in Virginia Beach. The youngest brother is Nico and is 23 years old, he also lives in the capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh.

Kristia loves doing yoga and tennis. She also likes shoes, coffee, books, fast food and travelling (she has been to 33 countries already!)

I'm sure Kristia will pass a fantastic year with us in the IES Parque de Lisboa.

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  1. Very nice pictures and great idea adding some links to get extra information about the area and important facts.