domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014



She is from North Carolina . Carolina has a big mountain crossing it far from the coast . Carolina is known  for the Wright brothers who invented the first airplane . The first attempt was a very short flight, it only lasted about 12 seconds  but it was a huge step for the human history . 
Carolina is known for its beaches, too. Raleigh, its capital,has a population of  9,85 million inhabitants.  There are 3 skyscrapers near a big and beautiful park.  


                      AUTUMN IN NORTH CAROLINA

     It is very beautiful and you can find a lot of places with brown,orange and red leaves . Kristia wants to  see these places here,too.

                    FAVOURITES THINGS




She doesn´t 
have any pets  
but she has a 
plant . 



by Miriam 1ºE

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