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A tale of two cities chapters 5-6-7-8-9 summary

Mr Carton and Charles Darnay are in love with Lucie.Charles talks to Lucie´s father about this and he promises if Lucie is in love with Darnay, she will marry him one day.

Mr Carton declares his love to Lucie but tells her it is impossible for them to be together. Finally, Lucie and Charles get married. Dr. Mannette was very ill for ten days but finally he got better and Lucie was never told about it. Mr. and Mrs. Defarge sent English spies  for them in France where there is a big revolution going on and where lots of innocent people are dying. Mr Lorry is talking to Charles telling him he is going to go to France to help but Charles doesn´t want to let him go. That night, Charles recieved a letter from his friend in France and Charles goes there to help. He is put in prison for being an emigrant.

About a year later, he is released thanks to Dr. Mannette. But two days after, Mr. and Mrs. Defarge sent Charles back to prison. Mr. Lorry finds a spy, Jhon Barsard, Mrs. Pross´ brother and bribes him to help Charles Darnay get out of prison again.

By: Lily Natasha Robson Macdonald

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