viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

My Favourite T-Shirt

My favourite T-shirt has some years and its blue colour has been fading.

It was a present for my birthday. I also have a bag with the same design.

In the front of the T-shirt there are lots of famous people, for example:
Rafa Nadal, Picasso, Walt Disney, Einstein, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley... and a lot more!! As you see there are very several kinds of people.

Actually, I don´t know who are some guys on it!!

One curiosity is that in Summer wherever I go on holiday, this T-shirt is in my baggage.

It´s from a brand that I think all the clothes they do are funny, and also made by hand, every drawing has a message. This brand is called: "Kukuxumusu".

The fabrics of the T-Shirt, have been taken a bit thinner so it´s much cooler for the summer.

By: Alberto. A 1st D

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