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A limerick is a well-known verse invented in Ireland about a hunded years ago. It is a short, funny poem that tells a little story.It has five lines. Lines 1,2,5 rhyme and usually have three beats. Lines 3,4 rhyme a nd often have two beats.

                              There was once a girl from Troy
                               She would always try to annoy
                               She looked like a moose
                               She laughed like a goose
                               Her silliness always caught a boy.

The rhyming pattern as you can see is:
These are some of the  limericks some of my students in 1st.D have written.

She was a girl from Alcorcón

She was eating pop-corn
She looked like an elephant
but she was elegant.
However, her tongue was very long.

Written by:Vanessa,Sara,Alvaro, Pedro.

There is a little girl from Spain
she always eats brains.
She looks like a witch
and she always has stitch.
But she likes singing in the rain.

Written by: Alberto. Itziar, Alejandro and Rubén.

My congratulations!

7 comentarios:

  1. there once a girl from moscu
    she would always find a screw
    she looked like a goose
    she laughed like a mouse
    her sillines always was true

  2. There was a boy from USA,
    his born was prayed,
    he went to Harvard,
    he studied like a leopard.
    However, he failed.

  3. Last one is mine!!! =)

  4. It was a stupid boy and he was from detroit
    his name was Troy and his dog was Rokokoy
    the dog was Swisse
    and he likes pising in trees
    and the boy didn´t have voice

  5. They are so good!!! :D