jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010


                                             FUNNY ANIMALS          

The crocodile cries in Canada and carries carrots to China.
The koala Knows how to make ketchup with kiwi.
Pipo, the penguin, paints pictures of pigs.
Great giraffes grow up in the grass.                 

The shark is smiling in the sea.
The lion lives in London and loves a lemur.
The platypus plays the piano in Pakistan
and the frog is fishing fishes with Frankenstein feeling futile.


Five foxes found fifteen frogs in the fish farm in February.
David´s dragon drives a dolphin in the dark desert during December.
Two camels camp with a camera in a camping site.
Willy the wolf is worried about the weather.
What is happening in the world?


The chameleon carries a car with the camel in Canada.
The turtle is talking to the tiger.
Monkeys listen to music like most mammals in Mercury and Mars
and the tiger is travelling to Toledo.

Polar parrots paralyse a pig in a party.
Spiders smile in September.
Poetic panthers pull pigs to parties.
Eight elephants are eating egss.          

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  1. This is really good! =D

  2. yes, they are so originals...te best is te one taht say:the shark is smiling in te sea

  3. Thanks a lot for your contributions.
    Alex, attention to spelling mistakes. This is not an SMS.

  4. The jiraffe is very funny! =P