lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015


1--My Blackberry is not working! Just  listen to the video clip and imagine the setting where the dialogue takes place. What did you imagine? What are the words with a double meaning in the dialogue?

Learn new vocabulary: 
dongle:  a hardware device attached to a computer without which a particular software program will not run: used to prevent unauthorized use. Electronic padlock.

2-- Meeting royalty.

What made you laugh the most?

3--In a restaurant. 
Pairwork: Sit back to back with a partner .a) The St. looking at the screen describes what is going on while your classmate listens to you.

b) Do it the other way round : now th St. who was listening is the one who is looking at the screen and telling what is happening in the video.

                                                                        Bad at parking

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