sábado, 10 de octubre de 2015

Our new assistant is called Christian. He's from Los Angeles, California. There are many beaches there and it's very spread out, with lots of roads and highways. 

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He got graduated in a university called Pitzer College. 
In this university, there are approximately 900 students and it's small.

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In his freetime, he reads books to children. He also plays basketball and makes blogs about sports and music. Talking about his family background, his father's from New York City and his grandfather, who emigrated to the USA in 1961, is from a little village in Cuba. 
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Christian has a dog called Mali. When he was at school, he loved theatre. In fact, he acted and directed some of the plays there. He also likes reading fiction books. He has lived in Cuba for 4 months. Nowadays, he lives in an apartment in Madrid with 2 German students, a Catalan guy and a proffesor of Madrid.
In the university, he studied Spanish literature. He often gets used to speak in front of people and give speeches, so he doesn't have any problems with that. 

by Ana Martinez 4º ESO

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