domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


One day bad things happened in the house where I lived. I sensed that there was something very bad. In the nights I heard noises, like a hand scratching on the wall and the dogs howled a lot. Then my cousin decided to come to my house. She took the bus and I went to the station to pick her up. When she arrived everything seemed to be nice.

Suddenly we were playing hide and seek, later my cousin went to get something and I was alone. I began to feel an indescribable fear. I had never felt anything like that; it seemed that something or someone was behind me, watching me. Then I rushed out, because I couldn’t stand that thing behind me.
In the end, my family and I left the house because we heard that the ghost of a beautiful lady people lived there.

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  1. Great story !! Loved it... Congratulations ! ;)

  2. Fantastic layout and great use of the linking words we have studied. Go on like this!

  3. Itr´s a really good story!! =D

  4. It's an amazing sotry :P