lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

The Mayflower and Thanksgiving celebration

Maybe you know a few facts about Thanksgiving and the way North American people celebrate this day but probably you don´t know much about the voyage and all the hardship the first pilgrims had to go through. Let´s learn about The Mayflower -the ship that took the first voyagers-by watching this video below!

Answer the following questions:

1—When did the story begin? ... ………………………………..

2--Where did the Mayflower sail out from?

3--Who were the people on  board?  (How many of them were there?)

4--What were they seeking in the new world?

5--How long did the journey take?  
 6--What were the conditions on  board?                                                                    

 7--What did the captain have faith in? And the pilgrims?

8—Why did Lucy say that they must get in the New World?

9--Did they finally make it to the New World?        



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