domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Jamie Thompson, a great assistant

It was half past eight of a single Monday at the high-school. We were waiting for an usual English class. I couldn´t imagine the surprise that was waiting behind the door!
I was taking my English things out from my school bag when, suddenly, a young boy entered with Manuela. Another assistant (some days before we met another assistant)!!- whispered  people in the class with boring faces. But when he told us about his life, I think every single person in the class changed his mind.

Jamie Thompson is a Scottish boy. He comes directly from the Scottish capital city, Edimburgh.
Scotland isn´t an independent country, it belongs to the United Kingdom. It is located in the North of England. Scotland is a very curious contry: for example, Scotland has two flags!!
 Their typical food is haggis: some lungs, liver and salad served in a sheep stomach... At first, it sounds disgusting, but Jamie says that it´s delicious!
Scotland has a population of 5,2 million people, its patron is St. Andrew and their national flower is the thistle.

It has monuments like the Edimburgh castle, emblematic places like Lake Ness and parties like Burns night.

Jamie, Although he was born in Scotland, has been living in Costa Rica, U.S.A., Mexico...
It is his 4th week here, in Spain. He likes Spain because of the weather and the food. He would like to have a pet here and  he has one sister.

Personally, I believe he´s going to be a great assistant and he is going to help us a lot in English!!!

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