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Our exchange English partners stayed in Spain for 6 days. They arrived in Alcorcon on December 13th. First, we met them otside the underground station. My English friend was called Simon and he was a very nice, relaxed and interesting person. After that, my parents took his suitcase and we went home where my brother was waiting for him. At first, we were so shy with each other, but then we started to speak a lot. He liked football and he was very good at playing videogames. He ate a lot and had a shower twice a day.

We went to many places with them and we enjoyed a lot. One day,  all English and Spanish students taking part in the exchange went to have dinner together in Telepizza. At the weekend we took them to see Madrid with the Christmas lights. We went without our parents and it was full of people. We walked down Gran Via to Sol but it was difficult to walk because the streets were crowded. Next day we went to the bowling alley where we had a really good time. Also we organized a football match Spain vs England in a park. On Monday afternoon we played a Fifa tournament in Toro’s house. 
On Tuesday we went on a trip to Toledo, we visited the medieval area and the main churches travelling in a small train. Then we had free time and we went to walk in the streets. We laughed a lot with the English guys, they were very funny although some of them were a little bit crazy. We spent a fantastic morning in Toledo. The following day we went ice-skating to Madrid -this was a nice experience, I think all of us fell at least once on the ice. Then we had dinner in a Kebab of Alcorcon.

The farewell’s day we went with the teachers to a restaurant next to the high school, We ate the Spanish typical food: Potatoes ommelette and iberic ham. After that, we accompained them to the underground station.

I felt sad when they went to England. It was a great experience and we have made English friends. I hope to go to London soon and meet them again.

By Carlos Rubio 3º C

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