domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

RIHANNA'S CONCERT. By: Celia Escribano 2ºD.

Dear Editor,

I'm writing to you about the concert in Madrid last Saturday with Rihanna. There was an audience of 350 people.
Rihanna started late because she had some problems with the sound system. However, once she got going it was fantastic. While Rihanna was singing, there were two guitarrists and a drummer playing at the back.
Although she was a bit nervous at first, Rihanna was doing well and got the audience going. The crowd was very excited, shouting  all the time, and singing most of the songs. The most succesful song was "Where Have You Been".

In general, everything was good, but there were some problems with the sound and the acoustics were not very good. Also, because Rihanna arrived late, and she ended the concert early, so it was not a total success. She arrived late because it was a difficult place to go, it is not very well communicated.
Why can't we have concerts in the sport hall? It is better communicated and it is bigger, so we wouldn't have to be so squashed together! And also the sound system and acoustics conditions would be better in there, and in the sport hall there are lightning effects, so it would be nice. 

Yours faithfully.

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