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Dear editor:

I´m writing to you about  Coldplay concert on 20th of June in the Vicente Calderon´s Stadium. I´m interesting in this concert because yesterday i watched it on " You Tube" and I remerbered all the songs. Once you entered into the stadium, the audience received a bracelet that incorporated a light system, this was part of the show.

It all started when the night fell.Suddenly, the "Hurts like heaven" song rang, then a firework exploded in the night. After that, Christ, the singer, songwriter, pianist and the group leader dedicated in Spanish this concert to all his fans. Later Jonh Buckland, the lead guitarist, and Will Chapion , the drummer, started to improve; then Christ and Guy Berrynian, the electrict bassist, joined.

Jon Buckland
After that, they  played "In my place". All the audience sang its lyrics  while the bracelets were shining in a blue light forming different figures.

Blue bracelet.

Then, the turn of "The prince of Chine" came, with Rihanna singing on a digital screen. When they played " Viva la Vida" and "Paradise", everyone danced to the rhythm of the music. I also started singing them in my bedroom.

However, the organization was a disaster and part of this problem was caused by putting up 3.000 duplicate tickets. The concert started at 22:00 and it was supposed to begin at 21:30.
The tickets cost too much money.

The concert finished with three songs " Clock", "Speed of sound" and "Every Teardrop is a waterfall". Later some fireworks exploded again. It would be nice if they came and played again  in Madrid.

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