domingo, 7 de abril de 2013



At Easter Holidays, I went to New York. It was fantastic, and I enjoyed a lot. I arrived in New York 2 weeks ago and I came back last Monday. Plane trips were the most boring because they were 8 hours and a half into a plane. When we arrived, we were fascinated. Most of the buildings were skyscrapers and they also had a lot of lights. We were located in Midtown, which is the middle of Manhattan. We were near the Empire State, Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center or Madison Square Garden, where New York Knicks play its home matches, but it was a bit far from Wall Street or Central Park. The hotel was in Broadway, known because of its theatres and musicals. I visited a lot of things, for example the Empire State, Brooklyn Bridge, or some museums like MoMA, metropolitan museum of art or American museum of national history, but my favourite place was Empire State, it was amazing. Ii has 110 floors! It´s the tallest in Manhattan, but it´s going to be superated by Freedom towers built in honour of the terrorist attack of 11-s 2001 which demolished the Twin Towers. Also, the food was a bit strange, there were a lot of McDonalds, Burguer King or Dunking Donuts. There were a lot of BBQ restaurants and Starbucks too. But I enjoyed a lot and I hope to come back.

Juan Manuel 2nd. D.

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  1. Wow! You´ve been on an amazing trip and I´m happy to know you have visited all those places and had such a good experience there. You must be very thankful to your parents.
    The pictures you´ve taken are great!