domingo, 21 de abril de 2013


Sofía García  2ºD


I´m writing to you about the concert I saw last month of One Direction in the
sports hall. The place was full of people, there were an
audience of 500 people.

One Direction is composed of five handsone boys: Niall, Zayn , Harry ,
Liam and Louis. They sang pop music and they had a lead guitarist,
a bass guitarist and a drummer.

The audience was all the time singing, although they sang the new songs of
their album: Take me home. The audience went wild when they came out and started
to sing.It was amazing!

All the concert was great, however, lights were very poor and the sound system was
not very good.

Why One Direction can´t come to Alcorcon?
I think it will be a great idea and that they will have a big audience.

Your faithfully ,
                               Sofía García.

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