jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Year 2012/13                                                                      4th.ESO


When our new assistant, Briana, entered in our class something told me she was an international personality and I'll have to admit that my intuition didn't fail me...

Briana's origins come from the Far East, from a city known as the Chinese Venice( Suzhou), which was discovered by Marco Polo in the mid 14th century.

 As soon as  the communist political ideology was set up as new type of government in China her grandparents moved to the island of Taiwan, where most Chinese nationalists escaped. 


Briana's parents emigrated from Taiwan to the USA. They settled in the state of Ohio where she was born. Briana states that it's a unique experience to live both cultures, the Chinese and the American. She encourages us to visit the USA, which she describes as a country where all cultures are invited to live together.

As we could understand Briana is a really hard working person. She got a scholarship for her studies at Ohio's State University.

She has always been a creative girl. She knew she wanted to study something related with arts and design, but she wanted it to be useful for society. In the end she decided to study graphic design for four years.

After her studies, she directly went to work as a graphic designer for Disney.


As soon as she finished in Disney, she went travelling aroud the globe Some of the places she has visited are: Germany, where she passed some courses; Spain, where she continued her studies at Salamanca's University...

Last year she moved to California. What she likes the most in this state is the magnificent nature , full of wondeful natural parks with the amazing sequoia trees and the stunning water falls.


By the way, Briana is also a great soccer player. In fact, she plays as back-right defender in her Californian female soccer team. She is so much keen on sports that she entered in the Sport Agency where she met some famous footballers. Besides soccer, she's also keen on basketball. Her favourite team is the Lakers.

 With regard to arts, she loves impressionists such as Monet, who is her favourite French painter.


To conclude I'd like to say Briana has impressed me with her interesting personality full of experiences and I'm looking forward to finding more about here...

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